Somebody wasn't too crazy about his Christmas bow...


stellatus sidera said...

oh max.
hallie, where's the rant on the breaking news on the youngest spears?!

i expect a full rant from a fellow pink reader!



The Nanny said...

I'll rant in the comments section, mmmk?

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS (yeah, Britney's sister) IS PREGNANT.

This makes me sick to my stomach.

She's 16 years old.

I mean, every time I hear this kind of news, I groan in disbelief. There are so many women out there who would do anything for a baby of their own, and can't have them for one reason or another. And here comes this kid thinking she can be a mom.

I know there are plenty of great teenage mothers. I know that. But honestly...when you're 16 you don't have great judgement. You should be enjoying being 16 rather than being a mama.

One viewpoint I detest: the whole "You got yourself into this situation, deal with it" mentality. There is NOTHING wrong with giving your baby up with adoption. Jamie Lynn? You listening?

I'll step off my soapbox now. But this Nanny's feathers are definitely ruffled.

stellatus sidera said...


Monica H said...

Amen Nanny!