no title for this post

sick...with food poisoning or something similar but equally gross/no fun...i'm running on about 2 hrs of sleep (i'll leave what was going on last night up to your imagination...sorry to those eating...)

i had ideas for a nice long blog post for today but that's not going to happen...i'm just trying to keep things down (ginger ale, veggie broth). blah.

i'll leave you with a teaser for the next time i post. yesterday, i forgot to pick up A. from school. *wheee*

i'm going back to bed now.


Monica H said...

Yucky! I'm sorry you're sick, but hope you start feeling better soon. Mylanta and Imodium are life savers. I'll bring you some if you need me to :)

the nanny's sister said...

ewwww please don't get me sick....

hope you feel better soon!

Carole said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Sick is not fun at all. Sending you good thoughts and wishes.