MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear readers!


Should I say HAPPY HOLIDAYS instead? Tracey R.'s blog had a great discussion about that topic just the other day. But I digress.

Sorry for the lack o' posting! Holidays chez moi is busy. We actually just came in the door from late night services and pupster Max is all snuggled up next to me. I think I hear Santa Claus rooting around in the next room and it smells like Christmas cookies and it's just generally a happy, happy time!

I'm officially on Christmas break! Woohoo! (Though Mr. & Mrs. R. did call and say they might need me Wed. or Thurs. Um...yeah. I told them I'd give them 3 hours MAXIMUM. It's my break.) I had a great time at the lake with D., even though it was so cold we stayed inside most of the time. We played a few games and we won't talk about how they went...especially that one game of "Lord of the Rings Monopoly" we played with her younger brother...

YOU GUYS. I have a movie I must recommend. Now, I usually don't, cause I'm an extremely picky movie person. But we watched this amazing movie tonight. It's called "Once," and it's Irish (it's in English, but you need to use the subtitles cause of the thick accents). It's a teeny-tiny indie movie that just blew me away. It's about a street musician and a poor working girl from the Czec Republic and though it may not sound like much, it's just incredible. The director (who also wrote and produced it) didn't hire actors for the film, he hired musicians who could also act (incidentally, they were friends of his). The soundtrack alone to the movie is just amazing and has won a ton of awards. I plan on buying it very soon.

Okay, that's the end of my plug for "Once." You guys really should check it out. It's only 80 mins long (I think) but a very sweet movie.

(No nannies were paid in the recommendation of this film. Feel free to chip in, though. College ain't cheap.)

No word from the Craigs.list people...I'll give them a week or so though cause it's Christmas.

I may be quitting as soon as this Wednesday. More on that later.

But for now, I'm off to be with my sister and Max the pupster. He's just too cute for words. Here's evidence:

That's my sis smooching him. Isn't he just ridiculously cute? Okay, okay, I get it--enough Max pictures already. :-)

I'm off! Have a great day today, no matter what you're celebrating!


the nanny's sis said...

merry christmas sis!

and i think that is officially my new favorite picture of maxipoo.... ever!

Monica H said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

I haven't been responding as quickly as I usually do because since you're private, your new postings don't show up on Bloglines. I have to actually click on your blog to see if you've posted and I forget.

Oh, well. I hope you have a great winter break ;)