I'm not old enough for a fugly purse! ...or am I???

Note: Edited with a picture at the bottom.

I have entered into a scary, scary world.

A world of which I SWORE to myself that I'd never be a part.

It's a dark place here, people.

It's the land of the singular fugly purse (hereon known as SFPland).

I've always loved purses. I own roughly two million of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and designers (all fake, of course. Gotta love New York!). I take great pride in picking cool purses to go with my outfits.

Well, not anymore.

It's gotten to the point where I throw on clothes in desperation in the mornings--trying to find something clean, something dark that when the kids stain them, it won't show, something I can run around in without various body parts being exposed, you get my drift. Shoes? I've got them too! I love them! But instead of picking out the cute shoes, I throw on my grungy Birkenstocks and call it a morning. I barely brush my hair in the mornings (what's the point? It'll be messed up in twenty seconds) so a purse? Farrrrr from my mind.

It's really quite sad. I'm torn up about it.

Once I started nannying full time I gave up carrying small, cute purses every day. I used my BIG, usually-reserved-for-airplane-carry-on bags cause they'd hold a nice assortment of snacks, band-aids, changes of clothes, books, shoes, toys...everything I needed for a typical outing with my girls. (Now the atypical outings? Say, to the zoo? Yeah. I took a suitcase.)

Alas, my cute big bags have all worn out.

So I needed something else.

I considered buying a diaper bag, but most of them weren't big enough. And the ones that WERE big enough were very very expensive. We nannies aren't loaded, ya know.

So. I did the thing I'd always teased my mother about. I bought one cheap, big, plain black purse.




But it goes with everything, it's big enough to carry all the kids' (and my) stuff, and it's practical.

Did I mention it was boring?

But it sure is practical!

Here is the purse, per request. It's not TOO bad, but it's just nothing exciting.


Monica H said...

Mr.H makes fun of how big my purses are and calls them tackle boxes, cause I have EVERYTHING in them, but then he gives me all his crap to carry too. I think he should wear a fanny pack (HA!) What do you think? Maybe I'll get him a purple (his fave color) one for Christmas...

leapnlzrds said...

We need a picture of this supposed fugly purse. Maybe it's not as bad as you think...maybe? I gave up on cute purses a while ago and now stick to Timbuktu bags- indestructable and colorful.

the nanny's sister said...

i don't know... i think your black purse is pretty cute...

i may end up stealing it sometime though :)

The Nanny said...

Monica H--Get Mr. H. a purple fanny pack for Christmas! :-)

Leapnlzrds--I'll try to get a pic up by this afternoon. It's pretty fugly though. Don't listen to my sister, she has bad taste. (Sorry sis!)

the nanny's sister said...

ahhh that hurts nanny :)

Carole said...

Ah yes...welcome to the land o' big purses. I think I'm here solely for all the year that I teased my mom. lol

stellatus sidera said...



Anonymous said...

LOL my mum's got that bag xD