Ain't No Mountain High Enough

You guys!

It's been a crazy week. Make yourselves comfortable, have a cup of tea, and let's get with it.

Monday: My new job in the morning. Lots of secretary busy work, which, nerdy me, I actually enjoy. I get immense satisfaction from completing small unimportant tasks. Girls were sick and feverish, so I stood up for myself and said I wasn't coming in. Honestly, y'all, I've been sick since August. I'm just starting to get better so I do NOT want to mess it up!

Tuesday: Got sick. Woohoo. New job in the morning. A. actually went to school, so I started nannywork picking her up (Mr. R. stayed with E.) She was great for the first 5 or so mins in the car, then crashed. I pulled over and checked her and she had a REALLY high fever. I sped home and got her in bed while Mr. R. called the doctor. He took both girls there later that evening and I was free to go early.

Wednesday: Went to nannywork 2 hrs early cause Mr. & Mrs. R. had a meeting. Watched Sponge.Bob on TV w/ E. Normally I don't allow TV for my nannykids at ALL. But when you're sick and grumpy, Sponge.Bob can work wonders. Picked A. up and she was in a great mood--we had a great afternoon together (a rarity. It was so much fun) while E. conked out on the couch.

Thursday: My Thursdays are so sad now that the Office isn't on. Reruns are good, but mundane. The girls were good. Cranky on occasion, but nothing really sticks out.

Today: Very, very busy. I woke up at the crack of dawn to go Christmas shopping for the girls before I went to my new job. $40 and LONG lines later, I was done. I flew to new job, worked, flew to lunch with an old friend who was in town, and flew to nannyjob. I was exhausted before the busiest part of my day started! Luckily, the girls were good and we got in a ton of playtime.

Now I sit, re-reading my blog and realizing how lame-o it is (sorry, guys) while D. is upstairs snoring. We played games earlier and I beat her in both Uno and Hand and Foot. I am amazing.

D. and I are going to her lakehouse tomorrow so I won't be back for a few days. Until then, I'll try to rack up some good blog material...(ha ha, I'm so funny. Like that's going to happen.)

P.S. I e-mailed a few different people who need nannies that I saw on Craig.slist. Cross your fingers!

P.P.S. Should I trust Craigs.list?

P.P.P.S. Is it weird to meet your potential future employees online?

P.P.P.P.S. Note to self: more than one P.S. is tiring on the fingers.


stellatus sidera said...

you are strange.
i heart it.

lex and i need to see you soon.

Monica H said...

Craigslist is fine. Both Mr. H and I have searched for and had interviews with employers through Craigslist.

Have a great weekend!

Geni said...

I think craigslist should be fine. Good luck! Keep us updated on quitting your job!

the nanny's sis said...

my advice:

go for the gold.

there ya go...
another comment!

whispered & meant said...

excuse me, you thursday was NOT sad because you had salad pizza with somebody AWESOME.