Okay, guys, I have a question. And I need you ALL to answer it cause I need as much input as possible. Lurkers, delurk. Regular commenters, keep on commenting. I need to know.

How much time do you get off/take off for Christmas?

Mr. & Mrs. R. fully expected me to work Christmas Eve, take off Christmas day, and start work the day after. Is it unreasonable that I'm not happy with that? I suppose I'm spoiled because I'm fresh out of school, where we get 2.5-3 weeks off for Christmas, but still--one day seems a bit tight.

I don't know what to do.

P.S. I think I'm going private. If you want an invite, e-mail me with your e-mail address. I'll give anybody who e-mails me an invite. theonlinenanny@gmail.com

P.P.S. Per Monica H's request, here's another pic of my little Maxster. Check out how blonde his eyebrows are!


Monica H said...

His wirey eyebrows are hilarious. I want an invite, but you already have my email.

And yes, 1 day is not enough, those tight a$$es.

crash said...

OK, so I'm delurking. One day is DEFINITLY NOT enough! Not only do you deserve a couple of days off for the holiday, they should take a couple of days off from their busy lives to spend some time with their kids.

C said...

i don't suppose i'm "delurking" because i HAVE commented before... i just don't comment as much as you would like :)

anywhooo... one day is NOT enough... you really need to spend quality time with your family who surely miss you and i'm sure they don't see you at ALL anymore because it sounds like you work a lot!

oh and max is ADORABLE.
and i would love to be able to continue reading... you have my e-mail!

delilahsstory said...


jkz jkz

you definately deserve more than just one lousy day... but honestly my mother is a lawyer and she gets only mon and tues and her friend doesn't even get tues...

but you are a babysitter and their parents should want to spend christmas with their kids!

pithydithy said...

I'd love an invite-- pithydithy at yahoo dot com.

As for Christmas, that's insanely paltry. I'd expect at least Christmas Eve and Christmas off and likely more. Are the kids' parents not going to be home any day but Christmas?! (I should add the caveat that I know zilch about the nannying world.)

Carole said...

I agree with everyone else...you should be getting more than one day off. And they should be spending more than one day with their kiddos. Hoping that they come around are realize this!

Geni said...

Okay, I'm another lurker de-lurking(is that a word?) I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks but I find them quite entertaining. Hmm.. I don't know what else to say... sorry I'm not a very interesting commenter. Anyway, I will be emailing you so I can have an invite to your new blog!
Geni from CA
p.s. You should get at least one week minimum off and what the heck are Mr./Mrs. R doing on Christmas eve that they can't watch THEIR kids?

Tracey R. said...

I can understand if they need to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas this year, with the way that Christmas falls. My husband will be working Christmas Eve day, and only has the day after Christmas off because he is TAKING it off.

With that being said, I absolutely think that you should say you are taking more time off. Many daycares are going to be closed Christmas Eve day and the day after, and if you have kids, you have to take time off. Comes with the territory of being a parent. They will have to figure it out - maybe someone takes Christmas Eve day off and the other parent takes the day after off, if they need to.

Regardless, I think it's totally reasonable for you to say you need more than the actual Christmas Day off.

And send me an invite also!

Kim said...

When I was a nanny (last year - May 06-August 07) I got from the 23-25 off. I didn't ask for it, but my nannymom was a doctor, and so she was not scheduled Christmas. If she had been, though, they would have gone to their grandparents. So no, it's really not nice to EXPECT you to work those days. However, I will say that the only holiday that most employers pay for off is Christmas Day. So it's sort of a toss up...