My goodness, you readers are comment-finicky. I never know what's going to get comments from you guys! Some posts...15 comments. Other posts...0 comments. What gives??? :-)

I've got a cute E. story from today and that's about it. I got off semi-early today, so I'm going to go read! What an amazing privilege! (For those of you wondering, I'm re-reading The Time Traveler's Wife for about the gazillionth time.)

So today E. and I were hanging out, reading books, and E. was in the bathtub (on special occasions, I'll let her have a long bath, and play with and read to her while she's in it). We were reading some Dr. Su.ess book. I can't remember which one.

(Preface to this story: as those of you who know me personally know, I'm a bit short. Well, really short. Like I get mistaken for a kid all the time. It's SO much fun when I'm somewhere with the kids and we get stopped and asked where our parents are. JUST so much fun. Then I have to pull out my driver's license, explain that i'm actually of (and over) legal age, etc.)


E. and I were reading Dr. Su.ess, and we were at a part that goes something like, "Ball, wall, TALL TALL TALL! Hall, mall, SMALL SMALL SMALL" and has accompanying pictures. On a whim, I ask E. which one she thinks she is, tall or small.

She considers the question, and responds, "I small but I GWOWING."

Then I ask her, "Which one am I, E.? Tall or small?"

Again, she thinks about it. I'm expecting her to say TALL, cause I'm figuring she's a short little 3-year-old, I'll seem tall to her.


Her response?

"You medium."

Heck, it beats small. I'll take it.


stellatus sidera said...



beggers can't be choosers.


i'm insane.

i know.




all you nannies think you're cool because you're nannies. no. i win. winnnn.

The Nanny said...

We nannies ARE cool, girl. Don't mess with us. We'll whip out the Pur.ell hand sanitizer (that we ALWAYS have with us. Always) and squirt it at you. So there.

Monica H said...

I medium too.

C said...

hahaha... medium... that's great!

Delilah said...

hahaha... medium... i guess everything is relative... hell relativity is relative

Delilah said...

hahaha... medium... i guess everything is relative... hell relativity is relative

Delilah said...

hahaha... medium... i guess everything is relative... hell relativity is relative

Tru said...

LOL- I know exactly what you mean by fickle comments- I get a bunch one day and bearly any the next. I love the fact that your small. And yes, I don't mean to break it to you too harsh- your small- and perfect. "Great things come in small packages," and trust me you are a great thing. Love you lots- never be tall- it will break my heart. Love ya.

a. milly said...

you are size teensy


The Nanny said...

Okay so I got so thrilled & excited when I logged on and saw NINE COMMENTS!!! Even though 3 are from Delilah by mistake, I'm still not deleting 'em! NINE comments! Woohoo!!!

pithydithy said...

I seriously can never understand what gets comments and what doesn't. One of life's many mysteries....

Oh, and I hate to tell you, but if you check out sizes at restaurants, medium is the new small. ;-)

The Nanny said...

Hey--I always say, I'm TALL in the Star.bucks world.

Nerns said...

I LOVE the Time Traveler's Wife! It is one of the best books I have ever read. The new TV show, Journey Man sort of reminds me of it in a way...