UPDATE: I deleted the last post. I was too worried about it, in case Mr. or Mrs. R. came across the blog. It was just too specific. If you haven't read it and are curious, you can e-mail me (address is to the left) and I'll explain what it said. I want to keep this blog open to the public to read, but unfortunately, my employers are part of the public...and I don't want them to read this. So I've deleted any specifics. Also, I want to make on thing clear: A. & E. are not the girls' initials, R. is not the beginning of their last name, their cat's name is not Bob, etc.--I've changed everything.

I'm SO sorry about that last post. I posted this morning before work, and I'm pretty sure Aunt Flo is on her way...soooo it made for a Very Disgruntled and Hormonal Nanny. I debated deleting it because I hate being a wet blanket and all, but I loved how Carole & Monica H. came to my defense in the comments section, so I'll keep it for now :-)

I have two things to share and then I'm off to bed. (Well, after I stay up for another 5 hours, blog-surfing...)

I overheard this remark on my way to class this morning from an attractive Latina woman: "GOD, my friend is the most Mexican EVER cause she speaks French, Spanish AND English!"

Can anyone explain??? I'm very confused. (Okay, I must confess--I decided to try writing "I'm very confused" in French, Spanish and English as a joke, but...things didn't work out so well. Fr.ee Trans.lations dot com wasn't any help with THAT little booger.)

And an E. story (I swear I never make these things up. Crazy things just come out of that kid's mouth. All I can do is run for paper to write it down before I forget).

So we were at the playground yesterday with a couple other kids E.'s age. We were all running around (me included. Hey--I love playgrounds!) and being crazy. All of a sudden E. just stops running, comes over to me with this tragic expression on her face, and holds her arms up to be picked up.

I pick her up and whisper, "E., what's wrong?"

She looks at me, sighs, and in a pathetically sad voice, says, "Nanny, I having too much fun."

Sometimes I just don't get that kid.


Monica H said...

Nope I can't explain. I don't know how anyone can be "the most Mexican EVER". That phrase just doesn't make sense. ???

The Nanny said...

I know! And I'm sure I heard her correctly, too. It's a mystery.

Carole said...

Most Mexican ever...I love it! No idea what it means though. lol That E is just beyond cute!!!

stellatus sidera said...

ahahahaha oooohmygoddd.
can i trade places with her?
i would LOVE to have too much fun. because right now i'm studying for a calculus test that i'm totally going to fail.