I'm ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!

(I know you all are thrilled!)

I had a great weekend. I was out in the country at D's lakehouse and even though it was cold and rainy (emphasis on COLD), we still had fun. We mostly stayed inside bundled up playing games (and boy, did we play a lot of games..and it was stinkin' horrible. I think I lost 75% of them, no matter what we played), but we did brave the cold & rain to fish once. I think we lasted maybe 5 minutes before we ran back inside.


I have class tomorrow (how fun!) but NO work! Mr. R. took the girls out of town for Thanksgiving and they don't get back til tomorrow night. Woohoo!

A few housekeeping-y things and then I'm signing off this post so I can go check all of y'alls blogs.

1) If I went private, would you guys still read? (I'm seriously considering it. I'd hate to close the blog off to the general public, but since my employers are a part of the general public, I hate how censored I have to be. Does that make sense?)

2) Monica H--he's 6 and a miniature wirehair daschund named Max. He's just a tiny little guy but too cute for words! We "rescued" him from a daschund rescue service 4 years ago. Can you believe such a sweet pup used to be abused???

3) I'm fiddling around with a new header for the blog. I like it! Hopefully I'll have it up in a few days.


Have a great day!


Monica H said...

I'm glad you're back!!!

1) If you went private, I would still read it, provided you gave me the password :)

2) He is too cute for words. I want more pictures please!

3) I can't wait to see the new header. I can fiddle with stuff like that all day.

4) And yes it is freakin' cold. {{brrr}} I've been in pajamas all weekend and it's been great.

Angelle said...

I would still read, even though I don't comment enough. :)

d said...

and might i add that the many games that you did lose, you lost horribly


but enough gloating

it twas fun

we must do it again sometime

stellatus sidera said...

i don't think i have a choice.
don't i have to read?
but it won't make any sense.
i basically rant about heroes and then about hot men.
and how i wish i could have sex with them.
*le sigh*


and max. i love max.

just FYI.