I. Am. Exhausted.

Not a great way to start off the new week, eh? But it was an amazing weekend, so I'll get through it somehow!

Friday night D. and I saw a play at my old high school. (Great job, Tru!) Unfortunately, I got sick in the middle of it...some weird stomach crampy no fun mess...so we left as soon as it was over and headed back to D.'s place. And I had to pee. SO BADLY.

We got to D.'s house and were locked out.

Locked out.

With NO spare key.

And I'm about to wet my pants.

We fly up to the nearest place we can think of to pee--Star.bucks--and OH my god sweet relief. We then head back to D.'s and spend 1.5 hours sitting on her front porch playing cards (I told you guys we're card fiends. I carry 2 decks in my purse at all times.) until someone came home to let us in.

Saturday we spent doing absolutely nothing and it was glorious. We watched TV and played games and had a great time. But come nighttime, we WORKED, man. D. has this enormous school project due Monday and I was helping her because I am a Goddess Divine. We worked until like 3 a.m. and fell, exhausted, into bed.

Today we spent working more (though I wasn't so much helping as...trying to not make it apparent that I was reading for pleasure and she was literally buried under mounds of paper) and tonight I babysat for a new family. J. is two and C. is three months--both boys. WHEW. They were WORK!

They were both ridiculously cute, though, so it made up for it. J. and I built block towers for two solid hours (he kept saying "Bid it a-deen, Nanny!" in such a cute way that I couldn't resist) and C. sat and watched us, ocasionally crying to be picked up, but that was about it.

Unnnnntil later.

I got J. to bed, but then Mr. C. decided he was NOT a happy camper. He screamed for 45 minutes straight until Mom and Dad got home. It was just colick, but boy, it was no fun! I'm used to crying babies but it just makes me so sad when nothing I do can make it better. We rocked, bounced on a bouncy ball, walked around, went for a stroll in the stroller, laid on a play mat, and I EVEN let him pull the dog's hair--but nothing was making this cutie happy! Even Mom and Dad didn't do the trick. Apparently he's like this every night. WOW--I have a newfound respect for those parents!

Anyway, I'm home now and about to head to bed. I have a HUGE exam tomorrow morning in class so I've gotta get some sleep!

P.S. I made it through not one, not two, but THREE diaper changes tonight without getting peed on! Woohoo!!!

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