I guess I'll quit next week.

I'm over my head in scholarship apps so that I can figure out a way to actually GO to this ridiculously expensive college next year. I had a meeting this morning with my old college guidance counselor (from high school) and I was supposed to bring along all my applications for her to sign/go over.

Yeah. I forgot them at home.

I live 30 minutes away from my old school, so I couldn't just run home and get them. I had to reschedule. Wheeee.

BUT, in reference to the first sentence of this post, she strongly recommended I get my employers to write me a rec. (Scholarship applications can be more complicated than college applications. No joke. It's kind of ridiculous.) Several of my apps require several recs, and according my counselor, "When people entrust you to take care of their kids, it means something about you. GETTHEMTOWRITEYOUAREC."

So today I'm going to ask them to write me a rec.


So this means I won't be quitting anytime soon. (Not that I was planning to, but in the worst of times, I always have that as a consolation--you know, like I'll say to myself, "I can give my two weeks' notice TOMORROW if I need to." It helps.)

An E. story and then I must run--I'm late for work!

E. and I were sitting in the waiting room while A. was in her regular Wednesday appointment. We were reading a book about what you do at various times of the day (What do you do in the morning? Eat breakfast! What do you do in the afternoon? Have playtime! etc.). On a few of the questions, E. would volunteer her own answers.

This was one of them.

Me: "What do you do at night before bed?"
E. (very loudly, and in a very crowded waiting room): "POOP!"
Me: "Oh..but what ELSE do you do before bed?"

Doesn't my job just sound riveting? :-)


Monica H said...

What do you mean you are going to quit? Like blog privately or quit nannying? I'm cornfused. Did I miss something?

Good luck with your scholarships, there's a lot of work involved.

Poop! That cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love kids...

Anyways yeah I am going through all the same stuff myself its not fun. Good luck on all the stuff you need and on getting the scholarships too.

Carole said...

Ha! Kids love to say the poop stuff in crowded doctors offices when there is all of the sudden quiet. It's like they come with that built into them or something. lol

Good luck on the apps. A rec from them would be a really good thing.

The Nanny said...

Monica H--quit the job :-)

Geni said...

Fabulous story. very funny


Geni said...

oops, sorry the last comment sounded sarcastic, but I was being totally serious.