Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Tonight, I'm writing about The Bedtime Ritual.

I love it.

I do.

I know it's great for the girls and all--to have the same things done in the same order, every night--but it just gives me so much comfort too. I love evenings with the girls. (Clarification: I love tantrum-free evenings with the girls. Tantrum-filled evenings are a whole OTHER story. Let's not get into those. It won't end well.)

The ritual for us starts right before dinner. I'll send the girls into the backyard to play (the kitchen overlooks the backyard so I can keep an eye on them) while I make dinner and set the table. We'll eat, I'll clean up quickly, and we'll head upstairs to bathtime. The girls can play for a few minutes in the beginning of the bath while I lay out their pajamas, and then it's wash E.'s hair, wash A.'s hair, wash off E.'s body and wash off A.'s body. E. gets out first, then A., and then I wrap the girls up tightly in their towels (I call them Burito Babies).

Then its into E.'s room and put on her pj's. Then A.'s room for jammies too. After that, I brush the girls' hair, we brush teeth, and A. takes her medicine. Then the girls go pick out stories (depending on their behavior during the day, I let them pick out a certain number of books each. We always read books, cause I think it's a great wind-down activity plus GREAT for them to be read to).

Reading to them is my favorite part. We sit on the big white couch, A. on one side, E. on the other, and me in the middle. They'll start sitting up, but a few minutes into the reading, they'll both be snuggled up next to me. I love that. I love my nannygirls, especially when they're all cuddly. It just makes me forget every meltdown, every mean word said during the day. It just goes away...

ANYWAY. We'll read books, then E. will pick a few to take to bed with her. (She snuggles up with them, it's really cute.) A. will go into her bedroom and lie down and I'll take E. into her room and put her down. Hugs, kisses, turn on the nightlight, E.'s down. I'll go to A.'s room, tuck her in, and tell her a story. She loves hearing about when I was a little girl, and stories about when she was a baby. More hugs, more kisses, turn on the nightlight, A.'s down.

I love that. I love spending that time with the girls and it just makes me so happy. It makes nannying more than worth it. (Plus, it's just so much satisfaction to get everything done without a meltdown!)

Tonight was one of those nights. As I blog tonight, I'm drunk on nannylove.


Monica H said...

Too cute!

You will make a great mommy one day.

pithydithy said...

Awwwww....what sweet evenings!

And you may have talked about this, but what's your usual nannying schedule? I'm just curious how it all works for you.

The Nanny said...

Monica H--thank you :-)

Ms. Pithy--I take a class in the mornings (but unfortunately the college is a good distance away) and then I grab lunch at home really quickly and then go pick up E. at 12. Then I'm with the girls through their bedtime around 8 o'clock, and then I head home, exhausted!!!

Monica said...

Can you be my nanny (for me, not Andy)? I have plenty of books I would like read to me. But good luck getting a comb through my ratty hair!!! That ritual sounds so warm and comforting, it made me smile inside.

stellatus sidera said...

the end.
please nanny my children.
or really, please be my nanny. i want to snuggly and be read to.

The Nanny said...

I'll make you all a deal--match my weekly salary and I'll travel to each of your houses each day and give you each a day of nannying :-)