Well, dear readers, as you'll soon see, I have plenty of blog material for today. Too much, in fact.

The day started out deliciously. I woke up to a thunderstorm, which I LOVE. (I just wish I could have stayed in bed snuggled under the covers longer!) I did the usual shower routine, found a brand-new box of Ho.ney N.ut Che.erios (YUM), even got out of the house early.

Guess what? I had left my car windows open overnight.

My car was soaked. Soaked. That was fun.

But! I got a 98 on our quiz from last Friday (yay!) and all was well.

Then I walked out of class, and of course it was pouring and my umbrella wouldn't work. Oh well, I'd dry off at home. I got to my car, got settled in, and started pulling out of the parking lot. I happened to look over to my passenger seat, and there was a giant, three-inch-long WASP staring me straight in the eye.

Holy sweet chocolate cookies.

Now, I've never been stung by ANYTHING before, not so much as a bee. Needless to say, I was terrified. The wasp was huge, it really was. Huge, people. I panicked and rolled down all the windows but the wasp wouldn't fly out. At this point I couldn't pull over because I was just getting on a major highway (I have to take that same major highway to and from school each day. I'm on it for several miles.)

It's still pouring and my windshield wipers have decided they aren't going to work properly and it's really, really cold outside, and I'm soaked and there's traffic and accidents and I'm just trying to keep one eye on the road and one eye on the wasp and since it's raining and my windows are down water is everywhere and oh my god I'm freaked.

(The ride home from school was a bit tense.)

Thank god, as soon as I'm off the highway I'm sure I see the wasp fly out the window. What a relief. I roll up the windows and get home safely.

**Fast forward**

I had a great today with E. She ate lunch like a champ (way to go, girl!) and went down for her nap with no complaints. I picked up A. from school and we had a great conversation on the way home about everything under the sun, and life was good. I fed the girls chicken for dinner and, since we're working majorly on "sharing" right now, A. offered me some of hers.

Now, this is a tricky situation for me. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat chicken, but I also want her to eat hers. Make sense? I'm afraid if I tell her I don't eat meat, she won't either--she'll want to be a vegetarian too. But what do I tell her? No thanks, sweetie, Nanny doesn't like chicken? No thanks, sweetie, chicken makes me break out in hives?

I finally just told her, "Thank you for sharing, A.! That's a great thing to do. But I'm a vegetarian."
(Okay, I'm not copying this from the Ja.ck I.n T.he Bo.x commercial, I swear. This actually happened.)
She laughs and says, "Oh, so you make animals all better!"
(Luckily, little sister E. comes to the rescue and changes the subject. A. is easily distracted.)

**Fast forward**

A. had a huge meltdown, and luckily for me Mr. R. intercepted and I just had E. in the evening. Bath, books, bed, I'm good to go. When Mrs. R. finally dismisses me, I leave their house with a sigh of relief and head for my car. All I want to go do is go home, blog about my crazy day, and get some sleep.

Once inside the car I start driving. It's completely dark outside but by the light of my turn signal, I can see something black on the sun visor above my head. I squint at it and I swear to god my heart stops.

The damn wasp.

Is above.

My head.



I roll down all the windows again, and it's again raining and even colder now. The wasp won't leave. It's still above my head. I put my hazard lights on and pull over. I get out of the car and get a notebook and start swatting at the damn thing. It won't leave. It's crawling on my steering wheel, my mirror, my seat...I'm standing out in the rain and cold, swatting like a crazy person.

Finally, I lose sight of it. I pray pray pray it's out of my car. I'm freaked out, but I'm cold/tired/grumpy/hungry and I just want to be HOME. The entire drive home I leave my windows down and my overhead lights on. I'm also completely distracted--if only I knew where it WAS, I'd feel better!

Luckily I made it home safely. Thank you god, angels, anything--it's honestly a miracle that with all my wasp-induced crazy driving today, I didn't have a wreck.

But now I'm exhausted.

And off to bed.

Yesterday I wished I'd have a day with good material to blog about.


Be careful what you wish for.


Zanzibar George said...


The Nanny said...

Zanzi I like how you don't comment on anything ABOUT the blog, you just want to be the first commentator.

Zanzibar George said...

That is possibly the most amazingly insane and possibly life-threatening day I have ever read about.
I love you.
And am glad that you aren't dead.
Damn wasp.
Translation: Sidera is a psycho.
Good job on your test! Loveee for good grades and such, eh?

And wow. I lurve E. and A. They maketh me smile. With their antics and such.
Yes. Nanny makes aminals aw betto.

a. milly said...

poor baby! flies get in my room all the time and buzz so loud that they actually WAKE ME UP. not as scary, but seriously annoying.

please turn a&e (hehe) into vegetarians! it would be adorable, you could make them boca burgers and go to peta marches together.

C said...

goodness! what a day!!

my favorite part:
"Holy sweet chocolate cookies."

wow. that's a keeper.

Delilah said...

whew... what a "page ful" (hint hint off of mouth full... clever)

Monica H said...

I needed that laugh at your expense- sorry. But I'm glad the wasp flew away (or did he?)

The Nanny said...

I sure hope he flew away...before I get in the car this morning I plan to check every nook and cranny!

stellatus sidera said...


Sara said...

AHH I would of probably wrecked. I am deathly afraid of getting stung by something. UGH!!!!