P.S. I added/changed a few things to/about the blog. I created a "nanny" e-mail address if anybody needs to contact me about anything, rearranged the order down the left side of the blog, and added a "links to this post" option by where you click to leave comments. (The link to post option will give you a direct link to that particular post so you can send/share it with friends.)

P.P.S. Can you think of anything else I could/should do? I'm toodling around with Blogger, becoming more familiar with it. Maybe I'll become more sophisticated & original sometime soon :-)


Monica H said...

You could add a list of blogs you visit, or pictures of things you like to personalize you blog. Just a couple suggestion :)

BTW, did you ever figure out how to access the list of people who found your blog through search engines? (Do you know what I'm talking about?) I know you asked the other Monica a while back.

The Nanny said...

The other Monica uses typepad, which is apparently really different than Blogger. I did stumble across someone who might know yesterday--I'll ask and let you know!