Okay so I wanted to have a picture for you guys today, but didn't have anything interesting. Goo.gle I.mages helped me out. I present to you: "Flowers."

Two pretty pink ones for your viewing pleasure. They have nothing to do with the rest of the post. They're just pretty.


Sorry I haven't had much in the past few days. A.'s been GREAT (knock on wood!) and I've really been enjoying my time with her. For her birthday recently, I gave her a "date night" for her and me--she chose to go to an expensive restaurant and get all dressed up, so that's what we're doing this Saturday night. She's so excited. Today Mr. R. took her out to get a pair of "date" shoes--get this--WITH HEELS. They're about 1/2 inch high, but she's SO proud of them!

E.'s been as silly and goofy as ever. She's had her obvious "I'm 3" moments, but other than that she's just fun to be around. Plus, the kid cracks me up. Lunch today:

She grabs an empty Sub.way bag and says, "This is Parry Hotter. I read it to you." (I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and the girls know it. When book 7 came out I was doing an overnight babysitting job for them while Mr. & Mrs. R. were out of town. I felt bad, but Harry was my priority for the entire day after it came out--hey, I didn't want the ending spoiled on BOOK 7! The girls were perfectly content and got to watch TWO movies that day, and that's a huge treat. I'm not an "electronic babysitting" fan so I usually don't let them watch TV or movies at all. But I digress.)

So E. has decided that this empty bag is "Parry Hotter," and though the child has never heard any actual Harry Potter books in her life, she begins to "read": Once upon a time, Parry Hotter was lemonade. He liked his samwish (sandwich). His mommy say Parry go! clean! your! room! (she was very emphatic at this part) and Parry say NO so Parry had go to timeout. THE END.

I applauded, she curtseyed, lunch went on as usual, and I ran for some paper to write down what had just happened so I could share it with you, dear readers.

Another E. story...

E. and I love to sing together. (Well, E. sings. You could politely describe what I'm doing as "howling." But again, I digress.) We sing all the time, and we love to make up songs on our own. Sometimes, we substitute E.'s name into the songs we sing. I'll post the song we're most proud of coming up with, just cause it's cute. (Imagine me, the howling Nanny, and a cute little 3-year-old dueting together.)

Eeee. this and Eeeee. that,
E. has found a purple hat!
Eeee. up and Eeee. down,
E. is scooching on the ground. *scooch* *scooch* *scooch*
(in a sad voice)
Eeee. this and Eeee. that,
E. has broken her purple hat,
Eeee. up and Eeee. down,
E. is crying all around. *wah* *wah* *wah*
(estatically happy)
Eeee. this and Eeee. that!
Nanny has fixed E.'s purple hat!
Eeee. up and Eeee. down!
Eeee. is dancing all around! *dance* *dance* *dance*

Now, I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's more the visual I wanted to give you. Plus I'm pretty darn proud of those lyrics.

Anyway! Long story short, today during her naptime I heard E. singing over the moniter. I listened closer and heard, "Twinkle, twinkle, little E.! Up above the sky, E. is diamonds in the sky! Twinkle, twinkle, little E."


Okay this post is long and rambling, so I'm going to head off now. Keep those comments coming!


stellatus sidera said...

that was incredibly amazing.
i siriusly want to meet these children.
bring them to school one day, k?
and have her make up another story about our dear friend parry.
and love, i'm totally serious (sirius) when i say that you could literally write a book. with all of these stories.
you could make some serious money. because. this stuff is fantastic. honest to god.
i'd buy it.

The Nanny said...

Yeah, except I couldn't call it The Nanny Diaries (from which I got my blog name) cause that's already taken. I COULD, however, call it The Not Online Anymore Nanny Diaries. I anticipate to be #1 on the NY Times bestseller list for 3 years straight.

Monica H said...

You two should hit the road together :)

BTW, when I made the suggestion of posting pictures on your blog, I didn't mean flowers you googled. I think that's too funny! But, hey they are two beautiful flowers.

Tru said...

She is adorable!!!

Carole said...

Too cute. And date shoes...that just made my day!

Amy S. said...

Thankyou for the nice comment...Yes Jonathan is "known" for his eyes. I loved visiting your blog. What kind of camera do you have, it takes beautiful pictues. The one of the flowers is awesome.

Love and Hugs..

The Nanny said...

Actually, I got the flowers off Go.ogle I.mages! The other pictures I post on the site are MUCH worse in quality and they're taken on my cell phone :-)