Okay, so I have a bit of free time (what a concept) so I thought I'd post some stories and stuff from the last couple of days!

I was getting E.'s lunch ready the other day...

E: I'm thirsty.
Me: I thought you were E.! (ha, ha, terrible joke, I know)
E.: I'm thirsty AND E., silly Nanny!

(That girl is smart as a whip, I'm telling you--for a three-year-old, she's amazingly perceptive and intelligent.)

After I had gotten her milk, she takes a sip and goes, "Mmmmmm, wefweshing!" (refreshing) Cute kid.

So as I mentioned last post, I've been overnight "babysitting" for a 14-year-old boy (babysitting is a loose term, here...basically I'm making sure he does his homework, takes his meds, doesn't stay up all night, etc.) for the past few nights. This is a totally foreign world to me. I only have a sister, and I'm never really around teenage boys outside of school hours. It's been a completely weird experience to have these kinds of conversations in the evenings:

Me: Hey, S.! How was your day today?
S.: *grunts*
Me: Do you want anything to drink?
S.: *grunts* *points to his water bottle*
Me: Do you have a lot of homework tonight?
S.: *grunts*
Me (interpreting this as 'yes'): Oh, man, what a drag.
S.: *grunts*

But it's been fun. He's a really nice kid and he's really talented at playing the guitar. I was reading the other night and heard him start to play "Stairway to Heaven" (one of my favorite songs EVER). It was really cool, just me and this 14-year-old kid, him playing Led Zepplin and me reading.

My life is so surreal right now. This time last year, I was applying to colleges and stressing about senior year and stuff and now I'm working full-time and taking one class in the mornings. It kind of seems like I'm in just an over-long summer and I'll be heading back to high school anytime now. I have a ton of friends who are seniors right now from my old school and it's so weird to think they're at lunch or in P.E. or English while I'm putting pull-ups on the little one or cramming in my own homework during naptime. And it's also weird to think that this time next year I'll be a full-time college student myself--and in an entirely different state (for those readers who don't know me, I've been accepted into a college up north, but I've deferred my admission for a year to earn moolah!). Life is changing like crazy!

Anyway, my spare time is almost up. I've gotta go pick up my sister (just call me Chauffeur Nanny). Have a great day!



stellatus sidera said...

we love and miss you too.
sleep-over double date sometime soon?
you can bring d. and i'll see if i can find someone at least acceptable...

The Nanny said...

absolutely. and what about zanzi??? if bring d, you bring zanzi.