My girl's all grown up

A. and I went on our "date" tonight. Yesterday was a hard day with her (well, it started out fine). I picked her up from school and she and E. were in great moods. We went to the park, had a blast...and on the ride home things fell apart. I had to pull the car over into a neighborhood to pull A. off her sister. I got kicked in the face. My nose hurts.

Days are up and down with A. Lately, she's been great. Yesterday was a setback, and it was hard. But tonight--tonight she was my dear, sweet A. I miss that dear, sweet A., the same little girl whom I rocked for hours when she was a sleepy baby, with whom I've played countless games of peek-a-boo, who still loves to cuddle at night, who looks at me with eyes so full of love and innocence and has a smile with now THREE teeth missing--who is occasionally replaced by a monster-child. It's rough, but I do live for those moments when my sweet A. is with us because those moments are so wonderful.

Tonight I celebrated the recent birthday of my nannygirl and I loved every minute of it. I'll post more later, but for now, I just want to say, to throw out into the universe, Happy birthday, A. These past six years have been such an amazing adventure. Thank you for so many lovely memories. I love you.


Furrow said...

Kicked in the nose? Ouch! You certainly sound like a patient person. I guess that's a pretty good trait for a nanny, eh?

The Nanny said...

OH, I have a list a mile long of body parts that have been injured during nannying! :-) It comes with the territory, I guess. Nothing like those late-night "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!" tantrums!

Monica H said...

Oh that was so sweet. Do you have any pictures of her dressed up in her date heels? Sorry about being kicked in the nose(Been there done that)

Happy Birthday A.!!!

The Nanny said...

I do have pictures, but I'm hesitant to post them just in case Mr. or Mrs. R. ever find this blog (I don't want them to be able to trace it back to me). Take it from me, though--she was adorable and SO grown-up!

stellatus sidera said...

you are amazing.
and i adore how much you love that girl.