I feel guilty, dear readers.

Every day I feel as if I should come home and dazzle you with my wit and hilarious kid stories. Most days....I got nothin'.

I mean, each day usually brings a new & funny story/situation, but I'm usually not near a pen and paper to jot it down, and danged if I remember it by the end of the day! :-)

A. stayed home from school today (even though I think she was fine--she was in a great mood all day, active, no tantrums) and we did have fun together. Unfortunately, when A. does stay home from school, E. doesn't nap much.

Here's a little equation for your viewing pleasure:

E. + nap = cute and happy kid.
E. - nap = monstrous disaster.

As you probably have figured out, E. didn't nap much. But, brilliant and amazing nanny that I am, I avoided any and all tantrums/meltdowns/major fights, etc. today! WOOHOO!

Don't ask me how I did it. We teetered on the brink of meltdowns a couple of times today, but with my incredible diversionary tactics, hell was avoided. (At least for today!)

AND, as I was leaving, Mr. R. said to me: "You know, we really admire how you put the kids to bed each night. They never go down easily for us [*he means on the one night a week they don't have any help*]. You are an excellent nanny."

I floated out of their house today. I am brilliant. I'm an excellent nanny. What more could I ask for?



stellatus sidera said...

of course you're an excellent nanny. duh. i could have told you that.
i need to come and eat all of the leftover taquitos.
since zanzi was a whore and ATE THEM ALL.

The Nanny said...

yes, please do. there are a million taquitos in the freezer and no one here will eat them. they're just going to sit there. and sit there. and sit there.

i wonder if lula likes taquitos?

Delilah said...

wow... you are fantastically brilliant and continue to amaze me... i just hope that when i have kids, you will be there to help me raise them

The Nanny said...

haha delilah i don't come cheap, specially now that i'm an "excellent nanny"

Angelle said...

Feel free to come on over here and "nanny" my kids every once in a while. :)