Hi everybody!

Right now D is snoring beside me so I'm going to try to do this post quietly!

I feel semi-better right now. The meds just make me really nauseated & unable to sleep so it's just been a lovely combination all around :-) But the good thing is, my cough has all but gotten away. And with the help of Pep.to Bi.smal, I've had some fun this weekend. (But we won't talk about the game of Five Crown that D and I played last night!)

Before D came over, I had the chance to babysit a new family--a 3-year-old girl, K, and an 8-week-old boy, J. K and I had fun until bedtime--she was having nothing to do with going to bed. Luckily, J was asleep then, so I could focus all my time on putting that 3-year-old to bed! (No easy task by any means.)

Finally, I got K to bed and went out to read (I'm reading The Kite Runner right now--it's fantastic) and heard J squalling. So I walk into his room and see this:

(Forgive the bad quality, it was a cell phone camera.)

He was so stinkin' cute! Right away I noticed his diaper was full, so I picked him up to change him. Now, through all my years of babysitting and nannying, I've NEVER had a baby boy pee on me. I'm actually quite proud of that record, cause nearly every parent warns me that their son just loves to "squirt" in the middle of diaper changes. (I smile politely and nod.)

SO, when I was changing J's diaper, I was being really quick about it just in case he decided to pee.

Then I hear a loud fart.

And just as I'm sliding the new diaper under his bottom, he projectile-poops all over my hand.

(You knew there would be poop talk when you started reading this blog. Deal with it.)

Thaaaaat was fun.

So I'm trying to clean him up and those damn little wipes are too small to wipe off my hand and trying to put another diaper on him while keeping my dirty hand away and pick him up with one hand and finally YES I did it. I run to the kitchen with J slung over my shoulder and wash my hands while not waking up K and it's all very very complicated but I did it because I am the babysitter extroadinaire!

But now D is awake and the waffles are ready so I must adjurn for now. Have a good Sunday!


Monica H said...

He is a cutie :)

However I think I'd rather have a baby boy "squirt" on me than "projectile-poop all over my hand." Gross.

Glad you're feeling better.

stellatus sidera said...

that is disgustingly cute.
and i really need to buy you one of those peepee teepees.
i'm being completely serious.
christmas gift.

The Nanny said...

Monica--after experiencing that, ME TOO. I don't care about my record anymore!

Sidera--PLEASE DO. And I miss you too.

Monica said...

Oh, I just love the warning fart too. I always wonder..."could something be coming?" And one time it did, just as you describe. Only I was not nearly as deft as you. I sat there shocked for a moment. I have a lot to learn.

The Nanny said...

Well, I must admit--I ignored the first few farts. I just thought, "WOW, he's a tooty baby!" and took off the diaper. I'll never do that again.

stellatus sidera said...


d said...

haha... just to let you know i beat her in five crow by 185 points

and i beat her in hand in foot by about 1500

and i beat her at uno...


better luck next time nanny

Zanzibar George said...

1. Poo is icky.
2. Sorry we canceled on you on Saturday. I did end up like COMPLETELY crashing right after I got home. Still. I missed you a lot.
3. I still miss you.
4. Poo is still icky.
5. I use the word "still" too much.
6. That is an adorable bebe.
8. There is no 7.
9. How is The Kite Runner? I've been meaning to read that for the longest time. It's actually in my locker at school. I just wish I had time to read for myself.

Zanzibar George said...

And Wow. D. I love you?
Your comments maketh me laugh.

The Nanny said...

Sidera--done. Zanzi, it's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry my comment is way out-dated. I'm new to your blog (but not new to being a Nanny.. 13 years and counting...) and I just have to say...

a couple of weeks ago I was changing the diaper to the 1 year old I nanny... not only did she projectile poop...she also puked all over me.

So I do have to day, you're not alone, though I did laugh pretty loudly when I read this post...and woke up the sleeping 4 year old next to me.

Your blog is amazing though. I love it.