Hi, everybody!

E. has been a rather reluctant eater lately...seriously not eating much. We're enticing her with anything we can and trying to make food as fun an experience as possible. So, I give you E.'s lunch today:

In case you can't tell, it's raspberries (E. will eat TONS of these, no joke. They're about the only thing she will eat) surrounding fish sticks and tater tots, with a dollup of ketchup in the middle. Yeah, yeah, it's not healthy, I know. But honestly, if I can get the protein from the fish in her, I'm happy. We're also giving her lots of drinkable yogurt, which she likes too. And, on top of all that, I can usually get her to eat more by either doing The Bumblebee, The Wiggly Worm, The See-Saw, and E.'s personal favorite, The Window (where does she come up with this stuff?). Basically it involves me "zooming" the food toward her mouth, either doing a bumblebee, worm, seesaw, etc., motion with accompanying sound effects. The window one--I had to get creative when she requested that.

The Window:
Me *drawing an outline of the window with my finger*: Okay, we're going to open the window and up, UP, UP it goes! Now, we're zooming out the window into E.'s mouth! *zooms the food into her mouth*
E: *laughing hysterically*

Yeah...she's a strange kid. :-)

Here's a weird/funny/typical E. story:

She's had a runny nose for the past few days, and today I reached up to wipe her nose and she says, "My booger green cause I eat gwapes?"

*crickets chirping*

I gave her props for coming up with that. That's pretty darn creative for a three-year-old.

Don't forget to let me know who's lucky #1000!
Edited to add: I was my own 1000th visiter. Greeeeat! :-)


Minivan mom said...

I'm 1003. Close enough. :)

Thanks for voting!

alex said...

oh nanny, you WOULD be your own 1,000 visitor. i'm sure you were mine, too. and the 500th. and the 834rd. and everything in between.

The Nanny said...

oh, alex, you're too right. but i'm thrilled you updated.

Delilah said...

haha...thats amazing... i wish i could have lunches like that

Delilah said...

haha...thats amazing... i wish i could have lunches like that

Zanzibar George said...

Delilah. No fair clicking the "Publish Your Comment" button so overzealously. You make The Nanny look too popular.
I mean... I love you?
Er. Anyways.
I want to be fed with The Window. =]
I want Brad Pitt to be the one feeding me.