Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I've got a few E. stories to share and then I promised *PROMISED* D. that I'd talk about her this update. So here goes!

Yesterday in the car: E. starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I can only assume she got that from school as I've never taught it. She was going on pretty well with it (it's got a lot of complicated words for a three-year-old to pronounce) until...

"One nation, under God, we are invisible..." (just thought I'd post that. It's cute.)

Today at lunch: Mrs. R. had stopped by to grab some paperwork. E. fell down and bumped her head and Mrs. R. ran to her saying, "Baby, baby come to mommy! I'll make it all better!" fully expecting E. to fall into her arms.

No such luck.

My sweet little girl only wanted ME. I was proud and sad at the same time--sad for what Mrs. R. is missing out with her kids. Until I looked up and saw the look of deepest loathing she was giving me while I was cradling and comforting her baby girl.

And, finally...

While A. was at her appointment this afternoon (why do these things always have to happen in a waiting room full of people?): E. starts scrunching up her face and going, "Uh...UH."

"E.," I ask, "what are you doing?"

I love hanging out with both E. and A., but I get to do it less with A. since she's in school all day. Both are really good kids, and even though we have (a lot) of tough times, it's still just so much fun most of the time! (Oh, boy, tonight though--E. was definitely in a 3-year-old's mood...good grief!)

So on to D.!

I absolutely love hanging out with D. We're best friends, and we just get each other. We may be different in a lot of ways but we always just have so much fun together. Even if we're just sitting and and doing homework, it's still fun just cause it's us.

Plus we're a teeny-tiny bit competitive.

We are game fiends, as I've mentioned before. We'll sit and play games for hours and hours. Isn't that the best kind of friend? One you're completely comfortable with, whose company you always enjoy--and you're never bored of each other. Plus when you throw Sidera and Zanzi into the mix, it's a blast.

Since I work so much and D. is a full time student, it's hard for us to find time to see each other during the week. But every Thursday night, we try our hardest to get together for The Office.

We love The Office.

Like seriously.

And last week's episode was like the best EVER.

And guess what? Tomorrow's Thursday.

And what does that mean?

*I'm in heaven!*


alex said...

D is the cutest.

On my campus NOBODY has a TV in the dorms so we have to try to find an unused communal one... There are 3 on campus and one is always taken up by people watching Grey's (ugh) and the others are in rooms where other events are always happening. It's extremely upsetting. You are so lucky to have Office-viewing-capabilities at all times.


stellatus sidera said...

see. now when you said that i was IN this blog. i thought i was going to get like a paragraph of how awesome i am.
i want to meet these kids.
for sirius.

Delilah said...

the office=amazingness!! (cue "ahhh" glory halo music)

The Nanny said...

Delilah--do you mean glory hallelujah music? :-)

C said...

good blog.

one thing missing though.

maybe a mention of a certain "C?"

but i must admit-- the toot thing was pretty funny!

Monica H said...

E. sounds like my husband in public, and he makes no apologies for it. oy!

BTW, I noticed you said "y'all" are you sure you're not from Texas?

Tru said...

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