(D. is right beside me as I type this. Shout out!)

Just call me Mary Poppins.

The girls have colds right now, and to help relieve their (snot-y, cough-y) symptoms, they have to take a rather disgusting-looking medicine twice a day.

Which means just OODLES of fun for those of us spooning out said medicine.

Mr. and Mrs. R. were out of the house, leaving me to fend for myself. Well, the cat was there, but he's not much help. He just flips his tail at me and stalks away. ANYWAY, I broke down and actually allowed the girls to turn on the TV, thinking, "Oh, they'll be distracted...it'll be easier to slip the medicine in their mouths without too much of a fuss."

Oh, Nanny. What were you thinking?

The girls, OF COURSE, noticed right away. First of all, they couldn't get over the shock that I was actually allowing them to watch TV. Second, they knew the medicine was coming. They could sense it. They're smart like that.

I tried E. first. She usually is the better one at taking medicine, and I can usually entice her by singing, "Oh, a spoonful of sugar..." No such luck today. She spat out the first spoonful all over the floor and they both started singing, "NO MEDICINE! NO MEDICINE! NO MEDICINE!"

Next I tried A. She, of course, followed in her younger sister's footsteps and spat out the medicine, too. I was thrilled, as you can guess. I turned the TV off. Yelling and screaming ensued. "Nope," I declared, "you lost your TV privileges for spitting your medicine on the floor. You know better than that." Begging and pleading ensued. I stood firm. I'm such a mean nanny.

Even though I wouldn't give back TV privileges, I would allow the girls to have extra playtime before dinner. IF they took their medicine. No complaining. No whining. And if there were any fits tonight, there would be no extra playtime for a long, LONG time.

The girls thought it over. I could see them trying to find any loopholes in my decree. They'll make excellent lawyers someday.

In the end, they agreed to my proposition. On one condition.

"Sing the spoonful of sugar song to us, Nanny?"

Oh, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

The medicine is downed (complete with scrunched up, this is DISGUSTING faces) and the girls head off to playtime. No major injuries, no blood shed.

In the most delightful way...


Monica H said...

You ARE one tough cookie. They must really like that TV. Next time tell them they can watch it for 30 minutes IF they take their medicine first. You're the nanny, you may have tried that already. I'm just adding my two cents in.

When I get sick, will you sing for me too? :)

stellatus sidera said...

that's awesome.
you are incredible.

Sara said...

Andrew is the oddest child. He asks me for medcine and he also asks me to take him to the doctor. He tells me, mommy I'm sick. I need to go to the doctor and get a shot. Odd child. Lol!

The Nanny said...

Monica--Good idea! I suppose my NannyBrain was too tired/weary at that point to think of that. (I mean, I was the one thinking I could just slip the medicine in their mouths without them noticing...)


Sara--you are LUCKY!!! But then again, speaking of odd children, E.'s latest trick is to tell us she hasn't brushed her teeth. Morning, noon and night she'll say, "I HAVEN'T BRUSHED MY TEEF." It's an excellent stall tactic, I'll admit...but we've caught on to her quickly. Mr. & Mrs. R. and I have started greeting each other with, "E. already brushed her teeth."

Monica H said...

A little bribery goes a long way :)

Carole said...

Awesome! Unfortunately around here I've stooped to threats. Do what I say or I'll dump your gatorade out. :(

The Nanny said...

Carole--what I wouldn't give to have that power! Unfortunately, if I do that, I usually get "tattled" on. It's SO fun. :-)