(D. is right beside me as I type this. Shout out!)

Just call me Mary Poppins.

The girls have colds right now, and to help relieve their (snot-y, cough-y) symptoms, they have to take a rather disgusting-looking medicine twice a day.

Which means just OODLES of fun for those of us spooning out said medicine.

Mr. and Mrs. R. were out of the house, leaving me to fend for myself. Well, the cat was there, but he's not much help. He just flips his tail at me and stalks away. ANYWAY, I broke down and actually allowed the girls to turn on the TV, thinking, "Oh, they'll be distracted...it'll be easier to slip the medicine in their mouths without too much of a fuss."

Oh, Nanny. What were you thinking?

The girls, OF COURSE, noticed right away. First of all, they couldn't get over the shock that I was actually allowing them to watch TV. Second, they knew the medicine was coming. They could sense it. They're smart like that.

I tried E. first. She usually is the better one at taking medicine, and I can usually entice her by singing, "Oh, a spoonful of sugar..." No such luck today. She spat out the first spoonful all over the floor and they both started singing, "NO MEDICINE! NO MEDICINE! NO MEDICINE!"

Next I tried A. She, of course, followed in her younger sister's footsteps and spat out the medicine, too. I was thrilled, as you can guess. I turned the TV off. Yelling and screaming ensued. "Nope," I declared, "you lost your TV privileges for spitting your medicine on the floor. You know better than that." Begging and pleading ensued. I stood firm. I'm such a mean nanny.

Even though I wouldn't give back TV privileges, I would allow the girls to have extra playtime before dinner. IF they took their medicine. No complaining. No whining. And if there were any fits tonight, there would be no extra playtime for a long, LONG time.

The girls thought it over. I could see them trying to find any loopholes in my decree. They'll make excellent lawyers someday.

In the end, they agreed to my proposition. On one condition.

"Sing the spoonful of sugar song to us, Nanny?"

Oh, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

The medicine is downed (complete with scrunched up, this is DISGUSTING faces) and the girls head off to playtime. No major injuries, no blood shed.

In the most delightful way...


My girl's all grown up

A. and I went on our "date" tonight. Yesterday was a hard day with her (well, it started out fine). I picked her up from school and she and E. were in great moods. We went to the park, had a blast...and on the ride home things fell apart. I had to pull the car over into a neighborhood to pull A. off her sister. I got kicked in the face. My nose hurts.

Days are up and down with A. Lately, she's been great. Yesterday was a setback, and it was hard. But tonight--tonight she was my dear, sweet A. I miss that dear, sweet A., the same little girl whom I rocked for hours when she was a sleepy baby, with whom I've played countless games of peek-a-boo, who still loves to cuddle at night, who looks at me with eyes so full of love and innocence and has a smile with now THREE teeth missing--who is occasionally replaced by a monster-child. It's rough, but I do live for those moments when my sweet A. is with us because those moments are so wonderful.

Tonight I celebrated the recent birthday of my nannygirl and I loved every minute of it. I'll post more later, but for now, I just want to say, to throw out into the universe, Happy birthday, A. These past six years have been such an amazing adventure. Thank you for so many lovely memories. I love you.


D is the most amazing person i have ever met in my entire life.

her ode is the best by far

Edited to add: D. wrote that, in case you can't tell. Just ignore it :-)


Okay so I wanted to have a picture for you guys today, but didn't have anything interesting. Goo.gle I.mages helped me out. I present to you: "Flowers."

Two pretty pink ones for your viewing pleasure. They have nothing to do with the rest of the post. They're just pretty.


Sorry I haven't had much in the past few days. A.'s been GREAT (knock on wood!) and I've really been enjoying my time with her. For her birthday recently, I gave her a "date night" for her and me--she chose to go to an expensive restaurant and get all dressed up, so that's what we're doing this Saturday night. She's so excited. Today Mr. R. took her out to get a pair of "date" shoes--get this--WITH HEELS. They're about 1/2 inch high, but she's SO proud of them!

E.'s been as silly and goofy as ever. She's had her obvious "I'm 3" moments, but other than that she's just fun to be around. Plus, the kid cracks me up. Lunch today:

She grabs an empty Sub.way bag and says, "This is Parry Hotter. I read it to you." (I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and the girls know it. When book 7 came out I was doing an overnight babysitting job for them while Mr. & Mrs. R. were out of town. I felt bad, but Harry was my priority for the entire day after it came out--hey, I didn't want the ending spoiled on BOOK 7! The girls were perfectly content and got to watch TWO movies that day, and that's a huge treat. I'm not an "electronic babysitting" fan so I usually don't let them watch TV or movies at all. But I digress.)

So E. has decided that this empty bag is "Parry Hotter," and though the child has never heard any actual Harry Potter books in her life, she begins to "read": Once upon a time, Parry Hotter was lemonade. He liked his samwish (sandwich). His mommy say Parry go! clean! your! room! (she was very emphatic at this part) and Parry say NO so Parry had go to timeout. THE END.

I applauded, she curtseyed, lunch went on as usual, and I ran for some paper to write down what had just happened so I could share it with you, dear readers.

Another E. story...

E. and I love to sing together. (Well, E. sings. You could politely describe what I'm doing as "howling." But again, I digress.) We sing all the time, and we love to make up songs on our own. Sometimes, we substitute E.'s name into the songs we sing. I'll post the song we're most proud of coming up with, just cause it's cute. (Imagine me, the howling Nanny, and a cute little 3-year-old dueting together.)

Eeee. this and Eeeee. that,
E. has found a purple hat!
Eeee. up and Eeee. down,
E. is scooching on the ground. *scooch* *scooch* *scooch*
(in a sad voice)
Eeee. this and Eeee. that,
E. has broken her purple hat,
Eeee. up and Eeee. down,
E. is crying all around. *wah* *wah* *wah*
(estatically happy)
Eeee. this and Eeee. that!
Nanny has fixed E.'s purple hat!
Eeee. up and Eeee. down!
Eeee. is dancing all around! *dance* *dance* *dance*

Now, I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's more the visual I wanted to give you. Plus I'm pretty darn proud of those lyrics.

Anyway! Long story short, today during her naptime I heard E. singing over the moniter. I listened closer and heard, "Twinkle, twinkle, little E.! Up above the sky, E. is diamonds in the sky! Twinkle, twinkle, little E."


Okay this post is long and rambling, so I'm going to head off now. Keep those comments coming!


P.S. I added/changed a few things to/about the blog. I created a "nanny" e-mail address if anybody needs to contact me about anything, rearranged the order down the left side of the blog, and added a "links to this post" option by where you click to leave comments. (The link to post option will give you a direct link to that particular post so you can send/share it with friends.)

P.P.S. Can you think of anything else I could/should do? I'm toodling around with Blogger, becoming more familiar with it. Maybe I'll become more sophisticated & original sometime soon :-)


Hi everybody!

Right now D is snoring beside me so I'm going to try to do this post quietly!

I feel semi-better right now. The meds just make me really nauseated & unable to sleep so it's just been a lovely combination all around :-) But the good thing is, my cough has all but gotten away. And with the help of Pep.to Bi.smal, I've had some fun this weekend. (But we won't talk about the game of Five Crown that D and I played last night!)

Before D came over, I had the chance to babysit a new family--a 3-year-old girl, K, and an 8-week-old boy, J. K and I had fun until bedtime--she was having nothing to do with going to bed. Luckily, J was asleep then, so I could focus all my time on putting that 3-year-old to bed! (No easy task by any means.)

Finally, I got K to bed and went out to read (I'm reading The Kite Runner right now--it's fantastic) and heard J squalling. So I walk into his room and see this:

(Forgive the bad quality, it was a cell phone camera.)

He was so stinkin' cute! Right away I noticed his diaper was full, so I picked him up to change him. Now, through all my years of babysitting and nannying, I've NEVER had a baby boy pee on me. I'm actually quite proud of that record, cause nearly every parent warns me that their son just loves to "squirt" in the middle of diaper changes. (I smile politely and nod.)

SO, when I was changing J's diaper, I was being really quick about it just in case he decided to pee.

Then I hear a loud fart.

And just as I'm sliding the new diaper under his bottom, he projectile-poops all over my hand.

(You knew there would be poop talk when you started reading this blog. Deal with it.)

Thaaaaat was fun.

So I'm trying to clean him up and those damn little wipes are too small to wipe off my hand and trying to put another diaper on him while keeping my dirty hand away and pick him up with one hand and finally YES I did it. I run to the kitchen with J slung over my shoulder and wash my hands while not waking up K and it's all very very complicated but I did it because I am the babysitter extroadinaire!

But now D is awake and the waffles are ready so I must adjurn for now. Have a good Sunday!



I finally went to the dr's yesterday morning after I've been sick--coughing a LOT, runny nose, etc.--for over a month and was diagnosed with really bad bronchitis. Both my nannygirls went to the dr's too yesterday and they were given a clean bill of health (though they were the ones to give me bronchitis in the first place). SO, the dr gave me 3 pills and one inhaler thing to take 2x/day. Wheeeeee!

So I took my meds last night as perscribed, and 4 hrs later woke up feeling intensely nauseated. NOT fun. I was up for several hours during the night feeling just awful--and it happened again this morning. Needless to say, I didn't go to class today. I also called the dr's and left a message describing my symptoms. The nurse returned my call & said that was normal--it would just take me a while to recover.

So! I called in sick today for work and I've spent the better part of the day on the couch watching House reruns on my computer. The dr also advised that I rest a lot this weekend since the bronchitis was so advanced (next week I go in for bloodwork & possibly a chest x-ray).

This also = not great blogs for the next few days :-)

Oh well, if this is what it takes to get better, I'll take it!


Happy Wednesday, y'all!

I've got a few E. stories to share and then I promised *PROMISED* D. that I'd talk about her this update. So here goes!

Yesterday in the car: E. starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I can only assume she got that from school as I've never taught it. She was going on pretty well with it (it's got a lot of complicated words for a three-year-old to pronounce) until...

"One nation, under God, we are invisible..." (just thought I'd post that. It's cute.)

Today at lunch: Mrs. R. had stopped by to grab some paperwork. E. fell down and bumped her head and Mrs. R. ran to her saying, "Baby, baby come to mommy! I'll make it all better!" fully expecting E. to fall into her arms.

No such luck.

My sweet little girl only wanted ME. I was proud and sad at the same time--sad for what Mrs. R. is missing out with her kids. Until I looked up and saw the look of deepest loathing she was giving me while I was cradling and comforting her baby girl.

And, finally...

While A. was at her appointment this afternoon (why do these things always have to happen in a waiting room full of people?): E. starts scrunching up her face and going, "Uh...UH."

"E.," I ask, "what are you doing?"

I love hanging out with both E. and A., but I get to do it less with A. since she's in school all day. Both are really good kids, and even though we have (a lot) of tough times, it's still just so much fun most of the time! (Oh, boy, tonight though--E. was definitely in a 3-year-old's mood...good grief!)

So on to D.!

I absolutely love hanging out with D. We're best friends, and we just get each other. We may be different in a lot of ways but we always just have so much fun together. Even if we're just sitting and and doing homework, it's still fun just cause it's us.

Plus we're a teeny-tiny bit competitive.

We are game fiends, as I've mentioned before. We'll sit and play games for hours and hours. Isn't that the best kind of friend? One you're completely comfortable with, whose company you always enjoy--and you're never bored of each other. Plus when you throw Sidera and Zanzi into the mix, it's a blast.

Since I work so much and D. is a full time student, it's hard for us to find time to see each other during the week. But every Thursday night, we try our hardest to get together for The Office.

We love The Office.

Like seriously.

And last week's episode was like the best EVER.

And guess what? Tomorrow's Thursday.

And what does that mean?

*I'm in heaven!*


Well, dear readers, as you'll soon see, I have plenty of blog material for today. Too much, in fact.

The day started out deliciously. I woke up to a thunderstorm, which I LOVE. (I just wish I could have stayed in bed snuggled under the covers longer!) I did the usual shower routine, found a brand-new box of Ho.ney N.ut Che.erios (YUM), even got out of the house early.

Guess what? I had left my car windows open overnight.

My car was soaked. Soaked. That was fun.

But! I got a 98 on our quiz from last Friday (yay!) and all was well.

Then I walked out of class, and of course it was pouring and my umbrella wouldn't work. Oh well, I'd dry off at home. I got to my car, got settled in, and started pulling out of the parking lot. I happened to look over to my passenger seat, and there was a giant, three-inch-long WASP staring me straight in the eye.

Holy sweet chocolate cookies.

Now, I've never been stung by ANYTHING before, not so much as a bee. Needless to say, I was terrified. The wasp was huge, it really was. Huge, people. I panicked and rolled down all the windows but the wasp wouldn't fly out. At this point I couldn't pull over because I was just getting on a major highway (I have to take that same major highway to and from school each day. I'm on it for several miles.)

It's still pouring and my windshield wipers have decided they aren't going to work properly and it's really, really cold outside, and I'm soaked and there's traffic and accidents and I'm just trying to keep one eye on the road and one eye on the wasp and since it's raining and my windows are down water is everywhere and oh my god I'm freaked.

(The ride home from school was a bit tense.)

Thank god, as soon as I'm off the highway I'm sure I see the wasp fly out the window. What a relief. I roll up the windows and get home safely.

**Fast forward**

I had a great today with E. She ate lunch like a champ (way to go, girl!) and went down for her nap with no complaints. I picked up A. from school and we had a great conversation on the way home about everything under the sun, and life was good. I fed the girls chicken for dinner and, since we're working majorly on "sharing" right now, A. offered me some of hers.

Now, this is a tricky situation for me. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat chicken, but I also want her to eat hers. Make sense? I'm afraid if I tell her I don't eat meat, she won't either--she'll want to be a vegetarian too. But what do I tell her? No thanks, sweetie, Nanny doesn't like chicken? No thanks, sweetie, chicken makes me break out in hives?

I finally just told her, "Thank you for sharing, A.! That's a great thing to do. But I'm a vegetarian."
(Okay, I'm not copying this from the Ja.ck I.n T.he Bo.x commercial, I swear. This actually happened.)
She laughs and says, "Oh, so you make animals all better!"
(Luckily, little sister E. comes to the rescue and changes the subject. A. is easily distracted.)

**Fast forward**

A. had a huge meltdown, and luckily for me Mr. R. intercepted and I just had E. in the evening. Bath, books, bed, I'm good to go. When Mrs. R. finally dismisses me, I leave their house with a sigh of relief and head for my car. All I want to go do is go home, blog about my crazy day, and get some sleep.

Once inside the car I start driving. It's completely dark outside but by the light of my turn signal, I can see something black on the sun visor above my head. I squint at it and I swear to god my heart stops.

The damn wasp.

Is above.

My head.



I roll down all the windows again, and it's again raining and even colder now. The wasp won't leave. It's still above my head. I put my hazard lights on and pull over. I get out of the car and get a notebook and start swatting at the damn thing. It won't leave. It's crawling on my steering wheel, my mirror, my seat...I'm standing out in the rain and cold, swatting like a crazy person.

Finally, I lose sight of it. I pray pray pray it's out of my car. I'm freaked out, but I'm cold/tired/grumpy/hungry and I just want to be HOME. The entire drive home I leave my windows down and my overhead lights on. I'm also completely distracted--if only I knew where it WAS, I'd feel better!

Luckily I made it home safely. Thank you god, angels, anything--it's honestly a miracle that with all my wasp-induced crazy driving today, I didn't have a wreck.

But now I'm exhausted.

And off to bed.

Yesterday I wished I'd have a day with good material to blog about.


Be careful what you wish for.


Hello, readers!

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately but thank you, thank you for all the wonderful comments on the last few blogs! I suppose my pathetic life IS rather amusing, eh? :-)

Anyway, I hope to have a full update tomorrow after work. Cross your fingers that the girls give me lots of good material!

This past summer I interviewed all my grandparents (with my trusty tape recorder) and I've been busy transcribing them. I spent 5 hours today doing my paternal grandmother's interview. It was an amazing experience and I talked to them all about life when they were kids and how different times are now. The interview (especially the audio) is something I'll definitely treasure, and come Christmastime, the rest of my family will get copies of it too!

More later...


Soooooo....this actually happened. I think I need more sleep.

This morning I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before going to work. Max, our miniature dashchund, was sitting by my chair patiently waiting for any crumbs I might "drop" (read: feed him). I saved the last bite for him and put it in on the floor (Max LOVES pb&j).

He looked at it.

He looked at me.

He looked at it.

He looked at me.

I didn't want to just leave it on the floor or certain housemates of mine wouldn't be so pleased. Finally I picked it up in desperation and said, "Okay, Max! Here comes the wiggly-worm! He's wiggling, wiggling, wiggling, all the way to your mouth!" all the while zooming the small bite of sandwich around his face.

Then I stopped.

I was doing The Wiggly-Worm on a dog.

Either I need more sleep or I've been nannying wayyyyy too long...


Today E. and I were driving home from her school and I was listening to N.P.R. and I was grumbling about current political situations and such.

Me (listening to the latest Bush shenanigans): That man is CRAZY.
E. (from the back seat, reading a book and, apparently, listening to what I had to say): Yeah, CRAZY.


Me (mumbling inarticulatly, uttering profanities under my breath): $(*#&#$ the Bush administration.
E.: What?

Nothing, sweetie. Nanny's just talking to the radio again.


Hi, everybody!

E. has been a rather reluctant eater lately...seriously not eating much. We're enticing her with anything we can and trying to make food as fun an experience as possible. So, I give you E.'s lunch today:

In case you can't tell, it's raspberries (E. will eat TONS of these, no joke. They're about the only thing she will eat) surrounding fish sticks and tater tots, with a dollup of ketchup in the middle. Yeah, yeah, it's not healthy, I know. But honestly, if I can get the protein from the fish in her, I'm happy. We're also giving her lots of drinkable yogurt, which she likes too. And, on top of all that, I can usually get her to eat more by either doing The Bumblebee, The Wiggly Worm, The See-Saw, and E.'s personal favorite, The Window (where does she come up with this stuff?). Basically it involves me "zooming" the food toward her mouth, either doing a bumblebee, worm, seesaw, etc., motion with accompanying sound effects. The window one--I had to get creative when she requested that.

The Window:
Me *drawing an outline of the window with my finger*: Okay, we're going to open the window and up, UP, UP it goes! Now, we're zooming out the window into E.'s mouth! *zooms the food into her mouth*
E: *laughing hysterically*

Yeah...she's a strange kid. :-)

Here's a weird/funny/typical E. story:

She's had a runny nose for the past few days, and today I reached up to wipe her nose and she says, "My booger green cause I eat gwapes?"

*crickets chirping*

I gave her props for coming up with that. That's pretty darn creative for a three-year-old.

Don't forget to let me know who's lucky #1000!
Edited to add: I was my own 1000th visiter. Greeeeat! :-)


Lucky #1000 is coming up (see counter at bottom)! Let me know if you're the 1000th visiter! (A special shout-out is coming your way...)

*Please please please don't let me be my own 1000th visiter...I'll be nervous everytime I check the blog until 1000 is past!*


Okay, so I have a bit of free time (what a concept) so I thought I'd post some stories and stuff from the last couple of days!

I was getting E.'s lunch ready the other day...

E: I'm thirsty.
Me: I thought you were E.! (ha, ha, terrible joke, I know)
E.: I'm thirsty AND E., silly Nanny!

(That girl is smart as a whip, I'm telling you--for a three-year-old, she's amazingly perceptive and intelligent.)

After I had gotten her milk, she takes a sip and goes, "Mmmmmm, wefweshing!" (refreshing) Cute kid.

So as I mentioned last post, I've been overnight "babysitting" for a 14-year-old boy (babysitting is a loose term, here...basically I'm making sure he does his homework, takes his meds, doesn't stay up all night, etc.) for the past few nights. This is a totally foreign world to me. I only have a sister, and I'm never really around teenage boys outside of school hours. It's been a completely weird experience to have these kinds of conversations in the evenings:

Me: Hey, S.! How was your day today?
S.: *grunts*
Me: Do you want anything to drink?
S.: *grunts* *points to his water bottle*
Me: Do you have a lot of homework tonight?
S.: *grunts*
Me (interpreting this as 'yes'): Oh, man, what a drag.
S.: *grunts*

But it's been fun. He's a really nice kid and he's really talented at playing the guitar. I was reading the other night and heard him start to play "Stairway to Heaven" (one of my favorite songs EVER). It was really cool, just me and this 14-year-old kid, him playing Led Zepplin and me reading.

My life is so surreal right now. This time last year, I was applying to colleges and stressing about senior year and stuff and now I'm working full-time and taking one class in the mornings. It kind of seems like I'm in just an over-long summer and I'll be heading back to high school anytime now. I have a ton of friends who are seniors right now from my old school and it's so weird to think they're at lunch or in P.E. or English while I'm putting pull-ups on the little one or cramming in my own homework during naptime. And it's also weird to think that this time next year I'll be a full-time college student myself--and in an entirely different state (for those readers who don't know me, I've been accepted into a college up north, but I've deferred my admission for a year to earn moolah!). Life is changing like crazy!

Anyway, my spare time is almost up. I've gotta go pick up my sister (just call me Chauffeur Nanny). Have a great day!



Sorry for no posts for a few days--I'm doing an overnight babysitting job for a 14-year-old boy (in addition to school/my other nanny job). Needless to say, with a 14 year old, internet time is limited. He's practicing guitar right now, but I've got to hurry off since he's almost done!

Hopefully I can get a full update in on Saturday.
Love, Nanny


I feel guilty, dear readers.

Every day I feel as if I should come home and dazzle you with my wit and hilarious kid stories. Most days....I got nothin'.

I mean, each day usually brings a new & funny story/situation, but I'm usually not near a pen and paper to jot it down, and danged if I remember it by the end of the day! :-)

A. stayed home from school today (even though I think she was fine--she was in a great mood all day, active, no tantrums) and we did have fun together. Unfortunately, when A. does stay home from school, E. doesn't nap much.

Here's a little equation for your viewing pleasure:

E. + nap = cute and happy kid.
E. - nap = monstrous disaster.

As you probably have figured out, E. didn't nap much. But, brilliant and amazing nanny that I am, I avoided any and all tantrums/meltdowns/major fights, etc. today! WOOHOO!

Don't ask me how I did it. We teetered on the brink of meltdowns a couple of times today, but with my incredible diversionary tactics, hell was avoided. (At least for today!)

AND, as I was leaving, Mr. R. said to me: "You know, we really admire how you put the kids to bed each night. They never go down easily for us [*he means on the one night a week they don't have any help*]. You are an excellent nanny."

I floated out of their house today. I am brilliant. I'm an excellent nanny. What more could I ask for?



E., today during lunch: "I eat this apple so I grow big like a FLOWER!"
(Yes, sweet girl, that's right :-)

A. started throwing up today after school. Wheeeeeee.

Hopefully it's only something she ate rather than a stomach bug. I ALWAYS get stomach bugs when A. gets them--so I'm definitely not looking forward to the next few days. I've been washing my hands constantly & chugging water in the hopes that somehow I'll get lucky and not get sick!

(Aaaaaaand I'm getting my flu shot tomorrow!)

Anyway, I don't have a lot of homework tonight so I'm actually going to curl up in bed and watch a movie. Wow...that sounds so delicious...I can't believe I actually get to do it!!!

More tomorrow...
Love, Nanny