What I did during A.'s (brief) nap:

(In case you couldn't tell, it's massive amounts of homework.)

Hello, blog readers!

Ca va, comrades? Today is 9/11--I didn't even realize that until I happened to look at my calendar and notice. I was lucky not to know anybody personally affected by it, so honestly I rarely think about it. But this morning, I was thinking about it, and about the SH***Y situation we're in now in the world, and thinking, "Wow...Only 6 years ago, we were relatively okay. Bush hadn't completely effed things up yet. Our economy was decent. The rest of the world didn't completely hate us."

But now--look at us now.

How many soldiers have been killed in these wars (that's right, we're in two, remember? Afghanistan and Iraq)? How many civilians? We're in debt past our eyeballs. The world detests us. And there's really no end in sight.

It got me thinking--is this the kind of world I want my (future) kids to live in? Is this, with its cancer-causing environment and lack of natural resources because we've used them all, what I want to leave to my grandkids when I'm dead and gone?

The answer is a loud, vehement NO. I want things to be better. I want things fixed. Hillary? Barack? You guys listening? I sure as hell hope SOMEBODY is, cause things have got to change.

Okay, that's the end of my rant for today. Sorry if it offended, I'm just pissed off. It doesn't help that I'm reading "1984."


I got to see some old friends this morning, which was fun. I got some REALLY good news last night so I've pretty much been on cloud 9 :-)

A. stayed home sick from school today, which was nice, cause I like sick A. (most of the time). It calms her temper and makes her snuggly. I actually had a great afternoon with sweet and docile A., a side of her I don't see often. (Mr. R. actually took E. off my hands to run errands for most of the afternoon, so it was a pretty easy day.)

I'll leave you with a glimpse of my post-bathforkids evening. A. is learning to read, and has learned how to "sound" words out. So naturally, she decided to teach E. how to read, also.

A: Okay, E., we're going to read this book. Now read with me. Say Mmmmmmmm.
E: Mmmmmmmmmm.
A: Aaaaaaaaaaaa.
E: Aaaaaaaaaaaa.
A: Tuh, tuh, tuh.
E: Tuh, tuh, tuh.
A: Yay, E.! You read the word "mat!" Now the next word. Say Ssssssssss.
E: Ssssssssss.

(And so on.) They were actually getting along at this point so I wasn't about to interrupt them. It was pretty cute to watch :-)

I'm off to go finish my devoirs. Goodnight, all! Comment away!

Much love,
The Nanny


stellatus sidera said...

so. i love and miss you.
and i think the next time i see you i should see you for more than five seconds.

Delilah said...

i am glad you have the courage to express your opinions knowing that they will be controversial

just amazing

Sara said...

TAG you're it! Read my blog for details.