What a fun afternoon! On the weekends when I'm not nannying for my regular family, I do a little babysitting on the side. Meet W. & B.

(Sorry it's blurry. Blame my cell phone camera.)

They were so much fun! They're both under 3 and sweet as can be. We had a blast making animal noises and putting diapers on our head (anything to make baby laugh!) Tonight I've got a second babysitting job, this time for older kids, and after that I get to see D. I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to another vicious Uno Tourney!

Tomorrow *hopefully* we'll get to see Sidara and Zanzi. It's been a great weekend so far and I can't wait for the rest. (Notice how there's nothing in here about doing homework...hmmm...yeah, I should do that too!)

I don't think I'll get back on to post tonight, but I'll definitely post tomorrow. Have a great evening!

Much love,
The Nanny


Zanzibar George said...

Awwww. So cute!<3
I hope your babysitting job tonight goes well. And of course good luck in the Uno Tourney. >_<

I can't wait until tomorrow. I better get to see you two. Sidera and I are looking forward to actually winning something.

The Nanny said...

haha winning? against D and me?


Zanzibar George said...

Keeeeeeep pushing it.
We'll see who's laughing tomorrow.