This morning, doing puzzles:

Me: I love you, E.
E.: Okay.

(Thanks, kid.)

This afternoon, in the car on the way to pick up A., with the Beat.les on:

Me (along with the tune of "Come Together"): E. has the cra-a-a-ay-ziest hair (come together!) when sheeee... WAKES UP!
E.: Will you please stop sing? I like my mommy sings bedder.

(I was officially insulted, but gave E. major props for saying 'please.')

This evening, as E. was singing to her stuffed animals in bed, to the tune of The ABC's:

E.: Q, R, S, W, M, X, I hope my letters M, A, B, C, I hope you sing with me.



stellatus sidera said...

if you told me that you loved me, i'd at least respond with a "thanks." if you're lucky, maybe an "aww." and if you catch me on a good day, "i love you too." haha. love yoooou.

The Nanny said...

thank you, my dear <3

Zanzibar George said...

WOW. So I haven't showered yet.
No. I am not just THAT beastly fast.
But wow. I love E. so much. That is adorable. I'm going to start responding with "okay" every time someone tells me they love me. It is going to either be a spectacular success with many broken hearts...
Or a spectacular failure with just one (mine).
That is the gameshow of my life.

I fink you a good sing.
A berry, berry good sing, Nanny dearest.

The Nanny said...

haha and thank you too, zanzi

Delilah said...



i think you have a gorgeous voice.

and the dramatic WAKES UP was a nice touch