So today at Starbucks, my conversation with the Barista went like this:

Me: Just this water, please.
Barista: We have a sale on coffee beans, want to get some for your teachers?
Me, a high school graduate: Um...No, thanks.
Barista: You ARE in college, right?

I floated out of Starbucks today. She thought I looked like a college student!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Which I am, of course.) For all of you readers who don't know me, I'm more often mistaken for a middle schooler. A college student!


A college student.


The Nanny


Sara said...

I know how that is. I have people ask me if I am 13 when I am 20. Me and Mac sometimes have hard times checking into hotels because they ask for every id on me to make sure I am not a minor and he is kidnapping me. It is ridiculous! (And hilarious at the same time haha...)

Zanzibar George said...

Wow. I am so happy for you.
To be mistaken for a COLLEGE STUDENT.
Wow. Really.
And I shall come to Boston.

greatdaneservices@gmail.com said...

See...and you are the lady I would card at my bar when you ordered a drink!!!