Okay, I feel much better today. Thanks for putting up with my ranting!

Today I wanted to give you a general idea about campus parking at my college (I'm only taking one class there right now. It's in the morning.)

There are several big parking lots, but unfortunately the one closest to my building is also the most popular. Every morning I leave up to an hour before my class starts (the college is 15 minutes away, at most) in order to find and get a parking spot.

Newbie that I was on the first day, I didn't allow that much time. Luckily, clean-livin' :-) somehow graced me with a perfect spot just in the nick of time. But usually, it goes like this:

Pull onto campus and into the parking lot. Don't even look for a spot, there won't be one. Coast up to the front of the school, and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

(There is usually a line of cars before and after me doing the same thing.)

Eventually some poor sap will come walking out toward his/her car, and we ALL jump into action. Whoever's closest to the row the person is entering wins! (I'm usually not that lucky.) Anyway, we'll start following that person, who is walking at about 2 mph, to their car. I mean, we're crawling, people. And hoping that someone doesn't rear-end us.

Hopefully, the person will get into their car and drive away. Sometimes they're cruel enough to let us car-driving people follow them all the way to their car, watch them get in (our hearts beating with the excitement of actually getting a spot!), and then wave us away, as if to say, "No, I'm not leaving now! I'm just catching a quick nap in between classes. Sorry to break your hearts, suckers!", leaving us crushed. That's just unneccessary cruelty, people. That's all I'm sayin'.

We begin the slow drive of shame back to the front of the school and wait to pounce again.

It's taken me up to 30 minutes to park before, and then it's a 10-minute walk to my building. I'm considering walking to school tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll just pitch a tent outside my classroom and stay there overnight.

Much love,
The Nanny

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