Okay, dear readers, first a question:

My sister is looking for a new laptop. We're on the whole a M.ac family, but she wants a D.ell. She's a student and will be using her computer primarily for that, but also for games (the Si.ms, etc.). Anybody have any suggestions as to a reasonably-priced (a.k.a. cheap), good computer?

Now, to the blog!

May I say that baby miniature dashchunds are the CUTEST dogs on the planet? I saw one the size of a guinea pig the other day. Its ears were so long they were flapping the ground--my god I wanted it!!! We have one at home but he's not a baby, but he's still soooooo cute. He almost looks like a baby pig and he sneezes ALL the time. We love it!

Meet Max:

We've had him for almost 4 years now and we just love him to death. The only problem with him is that sometimes he gets so excited he pees a little bit when we pet him--does that happen to anybody else?


The girls were good yesterday. For her birthday recently, A. got a "Plas.ma Ca.r" (google it--it's SO COOL) so we went around the neighborhood several times so she could drive it. They are way cool--I wish they made them for grownups!

At A.'s school they were studying Johnny Appleseed, so she had all these fun facts to tell us when she got home. She insisted upon being called A. Appleseed for the rest of the day. It was so funny--E. couldn't quite grasp what to call her so she called her "Johnny Appleseed A." All day long she'd say, "Hey Johnny Appleseed A., ..." It was really funny.

Mr. and Mrs. R. were out yesterday evening so the kids and I ordered Italian food and played in the backyard. I have yet to find any mosquito repellant that works in their particular yard...we always are covered in bug bites! Any suggestions on that either???

This is a rather "housekeeping-y" blog, sorry about that :-) D., Zanzi and Sidera are coming over tonight, and we may go bowling. We won't talk about my last game of bowling. Let's just say my score was in the single-digits...!



C said...
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C said...

wow! so many questions! :)
1) i say you chip in and buy your sister a new laptop... that's what big sisters are for, right?
2) just don't get max (who is adorable, by the way) too excited on the carpet!
3) try bug'n'sun
good luck bowling!

Monica H said...

I live down the road from Dell, so we bought a computer form him. I would never buy another. The computer has been fine, but we had so many program problems within a year of the purchase date and could get no help from anyone to fix the problem. No one kew what was wrong with or was patient enough to figure it out. Since all their tech supports are outsourced from India, it was sometimes diffficult to understand them if they decided to call you back. We spoke to so many people and had to keep explaining the problem and got nothing resolved. We finally had to take it to 2 repair shops and about $400 later all it needed was a new memory chip. Go for a MAC. They cost a little more, but worth the grief.

My aunt has two dogs like yours and they pee all the time especially when you speak to them in a high pitched voice.

Good luck with the insect repellant and hope your bowling score improves.

Delilah said...

PCs stands for pieces of crap. Go for a Mac.

The Nanny said...

Guys--thanks for all your suggestions. Monica, good idea about not speaking in a high pitched voice, but I don't know...he's too cute not to! :-) And by the way, I'm all for Macs--it's convincing her that's proving to be the issue!