I feel better about my work situation today. After a slight payment mishap (I'm paid at the end of the week) yesterday, I e-mailed Mr. and Mrs. R. about it and got this response:

You are certainly worth X DOLLARS per week, and I hope I didn’t give offense by not correctly remembering our agreement. I apologize and I will make sure to make up the difference and to get it right going forward.

Also, please don’t hesitate to bring up matters like this – we don’t want you to feel awkward about discussing “employment” stuff, like salary, work conditions, kids’ behavior, etc. We value you as a nanny and as a person and want the best possible situation for our family, so please make sure to bring any concerns you have to us so we can address them.

Thanks, Nanny.

Mr. R.

That made me feel better about things, I don't know why. This week has just been EASIER. D suggested that it was because I had thought about leaving--and I'd certainly be sad leaving the girls. As much trouble as they give me, I love them dearly and I've been with both since birth. I was actually there when A. took her first steps (from Mr. R. to me) and when E. took her first steps (from A. to me, Mr. & Mrs. R. weren't there). I'd miss watching them grow up.

Doubling up work and school is certainly the most challenging thing I've ever done, but slowly it seems to be becoming easier. Hopefully that's not just a fluke! :-)

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