Hey guys!

I'm still not feeling great sick-wise, but Mr. and Mrs. R. took pity on me and gave me an easy day. Wheee!

This'll be short as I'm exhausted and about to go to bed.

Today, as I was driving to pick up A. from school, I heard on the traffic report that a truck had somehow dumped a load of TEDDY BEARS all over the highway on which I was driving. (!!!) It was on the southbound section, and to get to A.'s school I was headed northbound, so I was excited and hoping the bears would still be there on my way home so A. could see them.

Sure enough, they were! I was expecting big, brown teddy bears, but A. and I didn't see any. But there were a suspicious number of red, white and blue cloths strewn about, which, on further inspection, turned out to be hundreds of tiny Bea.nie Ba.by teddy bears. Go figure!

A. of course wanted to stop and get some, but I convinced her that that was NOT a good idea, seeing as we were going 60 miles an hour down a busy expressway :-)

Anyway, that added a bit of fun to my otherwise mundane day. I had class this morning--I got a 95 on the big quiz I took last Friday. Woohoo!


Much love,
The Nanny


stellatus sidera said...

i think i love you.
not quite sure though.

The Nanny said...

you're not sure??? what does that mean???

C said...

awww! you should have gotten a teddy bear! :)

C said...
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