Hello, bloggity blog!

I actually spent today looking forward to coming home and blogging. I was so excited to tell you all about my witty adventures du jour and I was sure my amazing sense of humor would have you all rolling on the floor and going, "WOW, this is the best blog I've EVER read!"

Yeah.......probaby not going to happen. But we'll see.

So yeah. E. and I didn't make it to the aquarium today after all. I arrived and she was bottom-less (the child loves nothing more than to be naked) so it took a while for me to finagle (sp?) her into actual clothes. Since we couldn't go to the aquarium (no car), we spent the morning coloring. I love coloring. It's like the best part of my job, no joke. And we had these brand-new "Erasable" markers that are SO COOL.

Anyway. We were on the nice carpet, coloring (at this point using "color magic" markers--the ones that only color on certain paper. Don't worry. No actual markers on the nice carpet), when I notice E. doing The Wiggle.

"E., do you have to go potty?"

"NO." (wiggle, wiggle)

"Are you sure?"

"NO POTTY." (wiggle)

"Can we at least go try? Bob wants to see you go potty like a big girl!" (Bob is the cat.)

"NO POTTY. I TELL you if I have to potty."


*thirty seconds later*

"Nanny, I hafta potty."

Now at these words I'll always drop EVERYTHING in order to run to the closest bathroom. No matter if we're in a restaurant, swimming pool (no, I will NOT let them pee in the pool), waiting in line at the movies, nothing. So naturally I drop my markers, in the middle of coloring Blue from Blue's Clues, and grab E.

Too late.

Nice yellow peepee all over the nice Persian rug.


My lovely employers, whom I'll call Mr. and Mrs. R., later chided me for this. ("Did you not ask her if she had to go potty? You have to ask her EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES. She's potty training, for goodness' sake!") Um. I spend more time with your kids than you do. Welcome to my life.

Gah. That could turn into a whole other rant.

Anyway, that was about the highlight of my day. Everything else was a blur of pb&j, naptime, A. coming home and throwing her nightly tantrum, chicken fingers, and more coloring. (I do love coloring--that's not a complaint. I seriously will color for hours.)

So now I'm home and catching up on other peoples' blogs. Thanks for all the lovely comments! It's nice to know I'm not writing to an empty Internet world out there :-)

Much love,
The Nanny


Anonymous said...

so. this makes me so incredibly happy. it's like having you back in my life again. and you actually get comments. i hate you. whenever i blog, i never get comments. lolol. good luck with pottytraining. that's icky. and i love that you're coloring blue from blue's clues. will you color me something? preferably a horse, but anything will do. much love from me.

Sara said...

That just cracks me up! I know exactly how that is. Andrew is currently potty training but I don't dare put him in big boy undies yet. We aren't to that step yet.

Monica H said...

I love coloring too. Once I start, I get nothing else done. Have you tried Prismacolors? They are fabulous, but are expensive, so don't share them with the kiddos. You should post a picture of something you and the kids color.