Hello, blogging world!

Today was actually a great day. Any day I get to see D, whom I adore completely, is great. I'll get to that later. (Imagine this--an intense, fiercly competitive, friendship-on-the-line, Uno tournament!)

I had class this morning, which was fine. Not to be a braggart (well, yes, I'm being a braggart) but I'm pretty far ahead of everyone else in the class, but there's nothing I can do about it. C'est la vie! My professor is cool, though. She wears dragonfly-shaped earrings and desperately needs to be on "Wh@t.Not.To.We@r" (my guideshow for life--sometimes I wish that Stacy and Clinton were my parents), but she's funny, so it's all good.

Ahhhh...I'm taking a moment to revel in some of my favorite "Wh@t.Not.To.We@r" moments. Remember that like 60-year-old lady who wore miniskirts and lace everywhere?

I hope when I'm 60 I can wear miniskirts and lace everywhere. That'd be cool.
(Though I have always dreamed of wearing outfits a la Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride. Why? I don't know.)

ANYWAY. I digress.

The girls were actually really good today. E. slept most of the afternoon and A. and I did more coloring! Woohoo! One of these days I'll try to get a picture of my coloring to post for you all. I'm sure you'll be blown away by my artistic abilities. (L--I did color a horse picture for you. D has it. It's fabulous.)

Alas, the girls being good today usually = no fun stories.

Oh wait.

Today I had one! (Nannying is hardly ever boring.)

A., the older one, was in her bath today when I leaned over to get the shampoo. My shirt dipped a TINY bit and she, of course, looked straight down to chinatown.

"Nanny?" asked she.
"Yes?" replied I.
"Why do you have black on your beebees*?" (*beebees = A.andE.speak for boobs. I was wearing a black bra.)
"Oh. Ummmmm...It's part of my shirt, A."
"No it's not, why do you have black covering up your beebees?"
"Oh LOOK at E.! She's making her babydoll jump into the water!"
I was desperately trying to come up with a satisfactory answer that wouldn't later get me in trouble, when E. spashed A.'s eyes with water, and a tantrum ensued, BUT I was saved! Woohoo!

Wow, my posts get long fast. And I haven't even gotten to the Uno Tourney. Basically D and I are hardcore gamers. Speed, Gin, Cribbage, Uno, Sorry, Five Crowns, Phase Ten, you name it. On the weekends we'll play for hours. So tonight we picked Uno and set up a "best of 9" tournament. Things went back and forth, and got pretty vicious. We get pretty in to it. Imagine me screaming at the top of my lungs "UNO! UNO! UNO! I SAID IT!" while she's screaming "DRAW TWO! I SAID IT FIRST! DRAW TWO!" It's more or less like a war zone. Enter at your own risk.

Alas, long story short, D is the Uno Champion du jour. (We won't mention the 10th game we played that I won.) I salute you, D. I just won't talk to you tomorrow.

Much love,
The Nanny

P.S. Thank you, E., for splashing water into your sister's eyes. You saved me much trouble and sweating nervousness. You may have a cookie after lunch tomorrow.


Z. said...

Ahahahaha. Wow. That makes me incredibly happy. I love/miss you. Please grace our corner with your presence at least once this year. D. doesn't even sit with us. It makes me mucho sad. I'll drag her over there some days. But still.

And soapy water may have made A. stop wondering why you have black covering your beebees, but it won't work on me.

Answer the question, punk.

Anonymous said...

i heart you and your blog. i've considered dressing my mom in awful clothes just so i can get stacy and clinton to come to my house. and make them adopt me. and you can come too. AND THEN WE CAN BE SISTERS. ah love for them. the part about the bra. good lord. i hope she remembers again tomorrow. because. that would be amazing. bahaha. lots of love. i want my horse picture so i shall be asking d for it tomorrow. rest assured. and who won the uno tournie?

The Nanny said...

D won the tourney! 5-4. But I shall kick her derriere next time. I always do!

alex said...

oh miss nanny, i miss you so. and your beebees.

Sara said...

I do love that show too... and I also secretly dream that when I am 60 I can wear lace mini skirts. Haha! HEY Diane Keaton in Because I Said So. Her outfits in that are awesome! That is what I hope I am like...