Evening, all!

Several people have requested "The Babysitter Paysheet," (this is different from what nannies make) so here goes:

The Babysitter Paysheet
Non-driving BS* (you pick 'em up): BASE $8/hr (bare minimum)
1-2 kids: $8-9/hr
2-3 kids: $10/hr
3-4 kids: $10-12/hr
5 kids: $14-15/hr
6+ kids: GOOD LUCK getting a BS!

Driving BS (they come to you): BASE $10/hr
1-2 kids: $10-11/hr
2-3 kids: $12/hr
3-4 kids: $14-15/hr
5 kids: $16-17/hr
6+ kids: see above :-)

This depends on how well-behaved your kids are, and what your BS will be doing--cooking dinner, bathing kids, entertaining kids, putting kids to bed, etc. And if BS is doing any driving with your kids, depending on distances, add $5 for gas money. And if your kids were monsters, throw in a tip, too.

ALSO--we BS's are needy. If this is our first time BSing for you, if you liked us, CALL US THE NEXT DAY. Make us feel better. Say something like, "Hey, thanks for coming last night! The kids really liked you. We'll call back soon!" It's like the 3-day rule after a date--we'll be on pins and needles waiting for your call. If you don't call, it hurts.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, e-mail me or post them in the comments section!

Love, Nanny

*denotes 'babysitter'

P.S. Today was GOOD!

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