The sunset on my way home today:

A cute E. story from today:

We were at lunch together, and she was VERY excited about chicken fingers & french fries. The waiter guy came over to take our order, and E. prodded me to go first, so I ordered (the veggie plate, in case you were wondering. Healthy, right? Oh, and an extra side of bread & butter. Extra butter. That's right. Yum), and turned to E.

She buried her face under the table.

"E.," I prompted. "What do you want to eat?"
"Can you tell the nice waiter what you want to eat?"
"Okay, ummm, she'll have the kids' chicken fingers and french fries."
E.'s head pops up from under the table. She looks nice waiter guy RIGHT in the eye and says (without missing a beat):
"I scared to order because I SHY."



stellatus sidera said...

that is amazing.
i love little kids.

stellatus sidera said...

you know. sometimes i don't read you blog for several days in a row just so one day i can read like FOUR of them at once.
it's really fun.

stellatus sidera said...

and now i'm making up for not commenting them by leaving you lots and lots and lots of comments. lovelovelovelovelovelove.

stellatus sidera said...


The Nanny said...

Good lord sidera :-) thank you for all the lovely comments, i appreciate them. and i'm coming to school fo' sho' on thurs, but i'll be in the jlab. stop by!!!

nodnarB! said...

Reminds me of the little one I served once that would not tell me what he wanted so he drew a picture of a burger and slid it cautiously across the table. I kept that drawing for a while.

Delilah said...

how cute... i am glad you and E are getting along so nicely