Another funny E. story:

A. has an appointment every Wednesday afternoon, and E. and I hang in what's called "The Family Waiting Room." There were probably 20 people in the room, varying in age from teeny-tiny to grandparents. E. and I were reading a book about a cayote that was chasing innocent farm animals (sounds terrifying but was in fact cute & funny).

Me (in my super-duper nanny-reading voice): And the cayote said "GRRRRRRRRR!" (insert growling noise here) and chased after the PIGGIES! (oink, oink).
E: Don't worry, he not going to get me. I hab rubber soles on my shoes.


I have NO idea what possessed/inspired that child to say those words, but you know, it sure made me laugh. Along with the other 20 people in the waiting room.



stellatus sidera said...

omfg. that is incredible.
something about lightning and coyotes seemed to click with her? lololol.
i need to meet this kid.
you should honestly write (wow... definitely said "right"...) a book about her. and you. and ME. AND OUR AWESOMENESS.
hearts galore.

C said...

hahahaha that's so funny!
love to hear stories about A. and E.!

Delilah said...

tell E...

I understand...

if they were wood she wouldn't get very far