Okay, dear readers, first a question:

My sister is looking for a new laptop. We're on the whole a M.ac family, but she wants a D.ell. She's a student and will be using her computer primarily for that, but also for games (the Si.ms, etc.). Anybody have any suggestions as to a reasonably-priced (a.k.a. cheap), good computer?

Now, to the blog!

May I say that baby miniature dashchunds are the CUTEST dogs on the planet? I saw one the size of a guinea pig the other day. Its ears were so long they were flapping the ground--my god I wanted it!!! We have one at home but he's not a baby, but he's still soooooo cute. He almost looks like a baby pig and he sneezes ALL the time. We love it!

Meet Max:

We've had him for almost 4 years now and we just love him to death. The only problem with him is that sometimes he gets so excited he pees a little bit when we pet him--does that happen to anybody else?


The girls were good yesterday. For her birthday recently, A. got a "Plas.ma Ca.r" (google it--it's SO COOL) so we went around the neighborhood several times so she could drive it. They are way cool--I wish they made them for grownups!

At A.'s school they were studying Johnny Appleseed, so she had all these fun facts to tell us when she got home. She insisted upon being called A. Appleseed for the rest of the day. It was so funny--E. couldn't quite grasp what to call her so she called her "Johnny Appleseed A." All day long she'd say, "Hey Johnny Appleseed A., ..." It was really funny.

Mr. and Mrs. R. were out yesterday evening so the kids and I ordered Italian food and played in the backyard. I have yet to find any mosquito repellant that works in their particular yard...we always are covered in bug bites! Any suggestions on that either???

This is a rather "housekeeping-y" blog, sorry about that :-) D., Zanzi and Sidera are coming over tonight, and we may go bowling. We won't talk about my last game of bowling. Let's just say my score was in the single-digits...!



The Office

was amazing.

'Nuf said.
All right, we're nearing lucky #700! Who'll it be this time?


Another funny E. story:

A. has an appointment every Wednesday afternoon, and E. and I hang in what's called "The Family Waiting Room." There were probably 20 people in the room, varying in age from teeny-tiny to grandparents. E. and I were reading a book about a cayote that was chasing innocent farm animals (sounds terrifying but was in fact cute & funny).

Me (in my super-duper nanny-reading voice): And the cayote said "GRRRRRRRRR!" (insert growling noise here) and chased after the PIGGIES! (oink, oink).
E: Don't worry, he not going to get me. I hab rubber soles on my shoes.


I have NO idea what possessed/inspired that child to say those words, but you know, it sure made me laugh. Along with the other 20 people in the waiting room.



The sunset on my way home today:

A cute E. story from today:

We were at lunch together, and she was VERY excited about chicken fingers & french fries. The waiter guy came over to take our order, and E. prodded me to go first, so I ordered (the veggie plate, in case you were wondering. Healthy, right? Oh, and an extra side of bread & butter. Extra butter. That's right. Yum), and turned to E.

She buried her face under the table.

"E.," I prompted. "What do you want to eat?"
"Can you tell the nice waiter what you want to eat?"
"Okay, ummm, she'll have the kids' chicken fingers and french fries."
E.'s head pops up from under the table. She looks nice waiter guy RIGHT in the eye and says (without missing a beat):
"I scared to order because I SHY."



P.S. I'm nearing the 600th visiter (see counter at bottom). Who will it be???
Evening, all!

Several people have requested "The Babysitter Paysheet," (this is different from what nannies make) so here goes:

The Babysitter Paysheet
Non-driving BS* (you pick 'em up): BASE $8/hr (bare minimum)
1-2 kids: $8-9/hr
2-3 kids: $10/hr
3-4 kids: $10-12/hr
5 kids: $14-15/hr
6+ kids: GOOD LUCK getting a BS!

Driving BS (they come to you): BASE $10/hr
1-2 kids: $10-11/hr
2-3 kids: $12/hr
3-4 kids: $14-15/hr
5 kids: $16-17/hr
6+ kids: see above :-)

This depends on how well-behaved your kids are, and what your BS will be doing--cooking dinner, bathing kids, entertaining kids, putting kids to bed, etc. And if BS is doing any driving with your kids, depending on distances, add $5 for gas money. And if your kids were monsters, throw in a tip, too.

ALSO--we BS's are needy. If this is our first time BSing for you, if you liked us, CALL US THE NEXT DAY. Make us feel better. Say something like, "Hey, thanks for coming last night! The kids really liked you. We'll call back soon!" It's like the 3-day rule after a date--we'll be on pins and needles waiting for your call. If you don't call, it hurts.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, e-mail me or post them in the comments section!

Love, Nanny

*denotes 'babysitter'

P.S. Today was GOOD!


Today was such a great day! I spent it all with D, and even though we did a lot of homework stuff, we still managed to play games :-)

She beat me at hand and foot TWICE, but I beat her at five crowns and phase ten. We won't talk about gin!

Anyway, my weekend posts are kinda dry, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have some fun kid stories to tell. THE OFFICE PREMIERES THIS WEEK! You KNOW it's a great week with that happening!!!

Hey, where have all my comments gone? (Yes, I AM begging for comments.) I'm just curious to know who's stopping by. So if you've visited, let me know!

Love, Nanny

P.S. Just reread the post. GOD I am pathetic, begging for comments and all... Oh well, I don't care.


I feel better about my work situation today. After a slight payment mishap (I'm paid at the end of the week) yesterday, I e-mailed Mr. and Mrs. R. about it and got this response:

You are certainly worth X DOLLARS per week, and I hope I didn’t give offense by not correctly remembering our agreement. I apologize and I will make sure to make up the difference and to get it right going forward.

Also, please don’t hesitate to bring up matters like this – we don’t want you to feel awkward about discussing “employment” stuff, like salary, work conditions, kids’ behavior, etc. We value you as a nanny and as a person and want the best possible situation for our family, so please make sure to bring any concerns you have to us so we can address them.

Thanks, Nanny.

Mr. R.

That made me feel better about things, I don't know why. This week has just been EASIER. D suggested that it was because I had thought about leaving--and I'd certainly be sad leaving the girls. As much trouble as they give me, I love them dearly and I've been with both since birth. I was actually there when A. took her first steps (from Mr. R. to me) and when E. took her first steps (from A. to me, Mr. & Mrs. R. weren't there). I'd miss watching them grow up.

Doubling up work and school is certainly the most challenging thing I've ever done, but slowly it seems to be becoming easier. Hopefully that's not just a fluke! :-)



I just figured out that today was National Talk Like a Pirate Day and I MISSED IT!

Boo. I'm going to bed.


This morning, doing puzzles:

Me: I love you, E.
E.: Okay.

(Thanks, kid.)

This afternoon, in the car on the way to pick up A., with the Beat.les on:

Me (along with the tune of "Come Together"): E. has the cra-a-a-ay-ziest hair (come together!) when sheeee... WAKES UP!
E.: Will you please stop sing? I like my mommy sings bedder.

(I was officially insulted, but gave E. major props for saying 'please.')

This evening, as E. was singing to her stuffed animals in bed, to the tune of The ABC's:

E.: Q, R, S, W, M, X, I hope my letters M, A, B, C, I hope you sing with me.



Hey guys!

I'm still not feeling great sick-wise, but Mr. and Mrs. R. took pity on me and gave me an easy day. Wheee!

This'll be short as I'm exhausted and about to go to bed.

Today, as I was driving to pick up A. from school, I heard on the traffic report that a truck had somehow dumped a load of TEDDY BEARS all over the highway on which I was driving. (!!!) It was on the southbound section, and to get to A.'s school I was headed northbound, so I was excited and hoping the bears would still be there on my way home so A. could see them.

Sure enough, they were! I was expecting big, brown teddy bears, but A. and I didn't see any. But there were a suspicious number of red, white and blue cloths strewn about, which, on further inspection, turned out to be hundreds of tiny Bea.nie Ba.by teddy bears. Go figure!

A. of course wanted to stop and get some, but I convinced her that that was NOT a good idea, seeing as we were going 60 miles an hour down a busy expressway :-)

Anyway, that added a bit of fun to my otherwise mundane day. I had class this morning--I got a 95 on the big quiz I took last Friday. Woohoo!


Much love,
The Nanny


Okay, I feel much better today. Thanks for putting up with my ranting!

Today I wanted to give you a general idea about campus parking at my college (I'm only taking one class there right now. It's in the morning.)

There are several big parking lots, but unfortunately the one closest to my building is also the most popular. Every morning I leave up to an hour before my class starts (the college is 15 minutes away, at most) in order to find and get a parking spot.

Newbie that I was on the first day, I didn't allow that much time. Luckily, clean-livin' :-) somehow graced me with a perfect spot just in the nick of time. But usually, it goes like this:

Pull onto campus and into the parking lot. Don't even look for a spot, there won't be one. Coast up to the front of the school, and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

(There is usually a line of cars before and after me doing the same thing.)

Eventually some poor sap will come walking out toward his/her car, and we ALL jump into action. Whoever's closest to the row the person is entering wins! (I'm usually not that lucky.) Anyway, we'll start following that person, who is walking at about 2 mph, to their car. I mean, we're crawling, people. And hoping that someone doesn't rear-end us.

Hopefully, the person will get into their car and drive away. Sometimes they're cruel enough to let us car-driving people follow them all the way to their car, watch them get in (our hearts beating with the excitement of actually getting a spot!), and then wave us away, as if to say, "No, I'm not leaving now! I'm just catching a quick nap in between classes. Sorry to break your hearts, suckers!", leaving us crushed. That's just unneccessary cruelty, people. That's all I'm sayin'.

We begin the slow drive of shame back to the front of the school and wait to pounce again.

It's taken me up to 30 minutes to park before, and then it's a 10-minute walk to my building. I'm considering walking to school tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll just pitch a tent outside my classroom and stay there overnight.

Much love,
The Nanny


Hi, everyone,

Sorry for the lack o' posting yesterday. It was a pretty brutal day yesterday, and on top of that I'm sick--it makes for a very lovely Nanny! :-)

I'm really questioning working for this particular family right now. I mean, I love nannying, and I've done it for a long time. I know what's "the norm" in the Nanny world and what's ridiculous to expect me to do, and based on yesterday and the day before, Mr. & Mrs. R. are teetering on the brink (no, they've fallen off the brink) of being completely and utterly ridiculous. I know I posted about Mr. R. injuring his back and being bedridden, and about it seeming like I have THREE kids now. Yeah, that's an understatement.

What I did yesterday:

-Picked up E. from school
-Flew to Target with her to get a present for a birthday party A was going to
-Wrapped that present
-Fed E. lunch
-Put E. down for a nap
-Got cold ice packs for Mr. R.
-Fixed & brought up lunch for Mr. R.
-Did four (FOUR) loads of laundry
-Loaded dishwasher
-Unloaded dishwasher
-Took out all trash
-Fixed & brought up a snack for Mr. R.
-Got new ice packs for Mr. R.
-Cleaned up the cat vomit off the rug
-Went to the grocery store
-Picked up Mr. R.'s dry cleaning
-Picked up A. from school
-Entertained both girls (through TWO A. tantrums)
-Fed kids dinner
-Bathed kids
-Put kids to bed
-Fixed & brought up Mr. R.'s dinner
-Replaced Mr. R.'s ice packs
-Was finally dismissed by Mrs. R.

Now, a good 3/4 of those things are definitely NOT in my job discription. I am a nanny, and I take care of the kids. I'll feed them and bathe them and put them to bed, no problem. I do NOT do laundry, take out the trash, clean up cat vomit, go to the store & dry cleaning places, do the dishwasher junk, etc.

I don't know what to do. I've been with this family for a long time now, and I'd hate to leave the kids (even though they do drive me crazy!). But Mr. & Mrs. R. are so dysfunctional, and they fight and scream at each other all day long. Did I mention they work at home? It's just a really tough situation. I've stuck it out for a while, but now...I don't know.

All these questions are running through my head, and I'm stressed enough with school already. If I quit, will I be able to find another nanny job already into the school year? Is Star.bucks my best option? Money money money? Not to mention, what IF I give my two weeks' notice and things get better? What if it doesn't get better and it's just awful for those last two weeks?

I don't know. Sorry to be such a beating with this post! I promise I'll be back to my usual self soon. It doesn't help that I'm sick with A.'s nasty cold (remember when she stayed home from school?).

Anyway, I'm going to sign off now. I think a movie and some ice cream will help!

But in the meantime, anybody looking for a nanny? I'm exploring my options... :-)

Much love,
The Nanny


Soooooooo...long story short, nothing exciting happened today. Mr. R. injured himself so he's like bedridden for the next 5 weeks...so now I have THREE kids (A., E., and Mr. R.). Fun, fun, fun! A. & E. were in decent moods. A.'s (daily) tantrum only lasted 1.5 hrs today so it wasn't that bad, and Mrs. R. got the most of it--for once. I must say, I smiled as I heard A. screaming at her...calling her names...hitting her...all the things that happen to me on a daily basis. HOPEFULLY something will happen now--Mrs. R. was pretty appalled.


Life is good tonight.

Wanna hear a joke?


(Warning, it's slow-motion L-A-A-A-A-M-E, but it made me giggle, so hear goes.)

George W. Bush is out jogging one morning, notices a little boy on the corner with a box.
Curious, he runs over to the child and says, "What's in the box, kid?"
The little boy says, "Kittens, they're brand new kittens."
George W. laughs and says, "What kind of kittens are they?"
"Republicans," the child says.
"Oh that's cute," George W. says, and he runs off.
A couple of days later George is running with his buddy Dick Cheney and he spies the same boy with his box just ahead.
George W. says to Dick, "You gotta check this out," and they both jog over to the boy with the box.
George W. says, "Look in the box Dick, isn't that cute? Look at those little kittens. Hey kid tell my friend Dick what kind of kittens they are."
The boy replies, "They're Democrats."
"Whoa!", George W. says, "I came by here the other day and you said they were Republicans. What's up?"
"Well," the kid says, "Their eyes are open now."


Not much else to say for tonight. I have a huge quiz tomorrow in class so wish me luck! (OH! And I get to see D, Sidera and Zanzi tomorrow!!!)

Much love,
The Nanny


OH! And I tag Delilah, Sidara and Zanzi. Have fun!
Me, today:

(In case you can't tell, I'm pulling out my hair in frustration.)

Hello everyone!

First things first, Sara tagged, me, so here goes:

1.) What I was doing ten years ago: September 1997

I was in like 3rd grade...nothing exciting sticks out...

2.) Five years ago: September 2002

I was in 8th grade, applying to high schools and worried about where I'd get in!

3.) One year ago: September 2006

SENIOR in h.s. Yeah baby! Getting ready to apply to college.

4.) Yesterday: September 12, 2007

Work, work, work, work. (See yesterday's blog.)

5.) 5 snacks I enjoy: Tangs, original Goldfish, orange SpongeBob popsicles, grapes&fritos, cherries

6.) 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: Buy a nice piece of property, a new car, pay off college, buy a large diamond ring...oh, and donate to charity. Of course.

7.) 5 locations I would like to run away to: Germany, London, France, Australia, Africa, New York

8.) 5 bad habits I have: Ummmm...I HAVE no bad habits. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

9.) 5 things I like doing: Playing games, being with D, playing games with D, being with friends and reading

10.) 5 TV shows I like: Scrubs, the Office, Will and Grace, ummmm...Wheel of Fortune? House

11.) 5 things I hate doing: Homework, unloading the dishwasher, cleaning my fish, arguing with people, annnnnd these stupid surveys!

12.) 5 Biggest joys of the moment: D, my friends, games, my dog, and my cell phone. (call me shallow. I dare you.)


So. Sweet and docile A. was nice while it lasted. She stayed home from school again for one more day of recovery and was back to her usual self--mean, indignant & spoiled. I love A. dearly, but she's been more than I can handle lately. Her parents refuse to discipline her (or allow me to), so it's not a good situation.

Anybody have any (nonviolent) suggestions?

I think the worst part of it all is E. is starting more and more to copy the worst traits of her big sister, and I honestly don't know what to do with her because my hands are tied. Blah!

To get all of us in a better mood, here's a picture of my puppy:


And a story:

I like to people-watch. You guys can probably tell that from reading my blog. So today at Star.bucks, I watched this big beefy guy (muscly, driving a huge pickup truck) walk in and order. Guess what said Burlyman ordered?

A tall strawberries & creme frapp.u.cino, extra whipped cream.

(And it was definitely for him--he started drinking it right away.) It was a sight to behold, this big beefy macho guy daintily sipping a pink drink. :-)

Anyway, I'll leave you with an E. story from this afternoon. A. was in an appointment and E. and I were in the waiting room. She started the Wiggle and I, of course, jumped into action.

Me: E., do you need to go potty?
E: No, I just have a wedgie.

(Which she proceeds to pick!)

Much love,
The Nanny


What I did during A.'s (brief) nap:

(In case you couldn't tell, it's massive amounts of homework.)

Hello, blog readers!

Ca va, comrades? Today is 9/11--I didn't even realize that until I happened to look at my calendar and notice. I was lucky not to know anybody personally affected by it, so honestly I rarely think about it. But this morning, I was thinking about it, and about the SH***Y situation we're in now in the world, and thinking, "Wow...Only 6 years ago, we were relatively okay. Bush hadn't completely effed things up yet. Our economy was decent. The rest of the world didn't completely hate us."

But now--look at us now.

How many soldiers have been killed in these wars (that's right, we're in two, remember? Afghanistan and Iraq)? How many civilians? We're in debt past our eyeballs. The world detests us. And there's really no end in sight.

It got me thinking--is this the kind of world I want my (future) kids to live in? Is this, with its cancer-causing environment and lack of natural resources because we've used them all, what I want to leave to my grandkids when I'm dead and gone?

The answer is a loud, vehement NO. I want things to be better. I want things fixed. Hillary? Barack? You guys listening? I sure as hell hope SOMEBODY is, cause things have got to change.

Okay, that's the end of my rant for today. Sorry if it offended, I'm just pissed off. It doesn't help that I'm reading "1984."


I got to see some old friends this morning, which was fun. I got some REALLY good news last night so I've pretty much been on cloud 9 :-)

A. stayed home sick from school today, which was nice, cause I like sick A. (most of the time). It calms her temper and makes her snuggly. I actually had a great afternoon with sweet and docile A., a side of her I don't see often. (Mr. R. actually took E. off my hands to run errands for most of the afternoon, so it was a pretty easy day.)

I'll leave you with a glimpse of my post-bathforkids evening. A. is learning to read, and has learned how to "sound" words out. So naturally, she decided to teach E. how to read, also.

A: Okay, E., we're going to read this book. Now read with me. Say Mmmmmmmm.
E: Mmmmmmmmmm.
A: Aaaaaaaaaaaa.
E: Aaaaaaaaaaaa.
A: Tuh, tuh, tuh.
E: Tuh, tuh, tuh.
A: Yay, E.! You read the word "mat!" Now the next word. Say Ssssssssss.
E: Ssssssssss.

(And so on.) They were actually getting along at this point so I wasn't about to interrupt them. It was pretty cute to watch :-)

I'm off to go finish my devoirs. Goodnight, all! Comment away!

Much love,
The Nanny


This is what got me through the day:

Yay, coffee! Now. To start things off, a joke:

So, Robert Gates (Rumsfeld's replacement) is briefing George Bush in the Oval Office.

"Oh and finally, sir, three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today."

Bush goes pale, his jaw hanging open in stunned disbelief. He buries his
face in his hands, muttering "My God...My God".

"Mr. President," says Cheney, "we lose soldiers all the time, and it's
terrible. But I've never seen you so upset. What's the matter?"

Bush looks up and says..."How many is a Brazilian?"

Heeheehee :-)

Sorry for not posting yesterday (I know you guys were devestated); this one'll be a long one. I spent the whole day yesterday with D--it was great, even though we spent the whole afternoon doing homework! We had another Uno Tourney, which I don't want to talk about, and a Five Crown Tourney, which was EXCELLENT. D may be the Uno Champ, but I am the Five Crown Queen!

-Side Note- Yesterday I saw a commercial for some Insu.rance company. It informed me that singing takes 15 years off your life. I don't know how much singing that entails, but the next time I'm belting out "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" and get complaints, I'll reply, "Well, do you want me to live long or not?"

(That is a rhetorical question. Do not answer it.)

Today it's rained all day. I left extra early to get to class on time and even with an umbrella I got soaked. As I was driving to work, Ri.hanna's song "Umbrella" came on the radio. God? Are you mocking me?

Generally after class in the morning I run to Star.bucks for a cup of coffee (see picture above). Today as I sat in my car waiting for my tall-black-coffee-no-room-for-cream to cool down, I noticed a gaggle of guys getting out of the car next to me. All three looked (and I don't mean to sound un-p.c.) like they belonged to a mafia. Around 40ish, Italian-looking, gold jewelry, they would have fit better in a dark alley in New York than at a table at Star.bucks. They talked and smoked and drank, oddly enough, mocha frapp.u.cinos. But the weirdest part of it all?

They had a BABY.


He looked to be about 2 and was very well-behaved. He just sat there as the guys pulled out black leather briefcases, papers and sippy cups.

It was very weird.

Unfortunately, I had to leave for work or I would have watched a little longer (not in a creepy way, but to have more to entertain you with, dear readers!)

Anyway, a funny story from today and then I've gotta run. So E. and I were playing on the floor of her room with some dolls and a giant dinosaur book. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, E. was "reading" (in 3-year-oldspeak) the book to the dolls. She was growling and roaring like the dinosaurs, and at one point said, "The big dinosaurs ROAR like Nanny when I bad!"

I love that kid.

Goodnight, loves!

Much love,
The Nanny


What a fun afternoon! On the weekends when I'm not nannying for my regular family, I do a little babysitting on the side. Meet W. & B.

(Sorry it's blurry. Blame my cell phone camera.)

They were so much fun! They're both under 3 and sweet as can be. We had a blast making animal noises and putting diapers on our head (anything to make baby laugh!) Tonight I've got a second babysitting job, this time for older kids, and after that I get to see D. I'm so excited and I'm looking forward to another vicious Uno Tourney!

Tomorrow *hopefully* we'll get to see Sidara and Zanzi. It's been a great weekend so far and I can't wait for the rest. (Notice how there's nothing in here about doing homework...hmmm...yeah, I should do that too!)

I don't think I'll get back on to post tonight, but I'll definitely post tomorrow. Have a great evening!

Much love,
The Nanny


So today at Starbucks, my conversation with the Barista went like this:

Me: Just this water, please.
Barista: We have a sale on coffee beans, want to get some for your teachers?
Me, a high school graduate: Um...No, thanks.
Barista: You ARE in college, right?

I floated out of Starbucks today. She thought I looked like a college student!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Which I am, of course.) For all of you readers who don't know me, I'm more often mistaken for a middle schooler. A college student!


A college student.


The Nanny


This is how I clean my room:

Yum :-)
Good evening, fellow bloggers/blog readers!

Wanna know the best way to start off a day?


And you know what makes that even better???


Now, doesn't that just make for a fabulous day? (Actually, my day was pretty good, considering the whole "wisdom teeth removal" conversation that I had VERY early this morning.)

At work:

*the cat, Bob, coughed up a furball on the white sofa. Or tried to. There was a lot of hacking and sputtering and hair flying. Now this is possibly the world's weirdest cat, so I'm a bit hesitant to touch him (or else I would have scooted him off said white couch). I love cats, I really do, but this one is kinda gross. And weird. And doesn't respond when I'm sitting there whispering loudly and in what I think is a firm voice, "BOB NO! NO! Off the couch! BOB NO!" while trying not to wake E. up.

*the girls fought back and forth. The situation alternates from them ganging up on me and trying to kill each other. I'm not sure which situation I like better.

*I got off an hour (60 whole minutes) late. Did I get paid for that? Noooooo. Of COURSE not.

Now I am home, finally, and kicking myself cause I forgot to drop the overdue movies by B.lock.busters. Oh, well. What's another fee on my credit card bill? (Kidding. It sucks. Big time.) And I'm on my way to clean my room.

Oh, I'll leave you with this. It was the funniest part of my day:

A. sneaks up on me while I'm playing with E. She puts (wet, sticky) fingers over my eyes and says "Nanny, don't look."
Oh goodness no no no......"What is it, A.?"
"I peepeed on the floor."

April fourth? Too cute. I didn't have the heart to correct her. :-)

Much love,
The Nanny


My coloring adventures from today! (sorry it's blurry)

here's your horse, L!
Hello, blogging world!

Today was actually a great day. Any day I get to see D, whom I adore completely, is great. I'll get to that later. (Imagine this--an intense, fiercly competitive, friendship-on-the-line, Uno tournament!)

I had class this morning, which was fine. Not to be a braggart (well, yes, I'm being a braggart) but I'm pretty far ahead of everyone else in the class, but there's nothing I can do about it. C'est la vie! My professor is cool, though. She wears dragonfly-shaped earrings and desperately needs to be on "Wh@t.Not.To.We@r" (my guideshow for life--sometimes I wish that Stacy and Clinton were my parents), but she's funny, so it's all good.

Ahhhh...I'm taking a moment to revel in some of my favorite "Wh@t.Not.To.We@r" moments. Remember that like 60-year-old lady who wore miniskirts and lace everywhere?

I hope when I'm 60 I can wear miniskirts and lace everywhere. That'd be cool.
(Though I have always dreamed of wearing outfits a la Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride. Why? I don't know.)

ANYWAY. I digress.

The girls were actually really good today. E. slept most of the afternoon and A. and I did more coloring! Woohoo! One of these days I'll try to get a picture of my coloring to post for you all. I'm sure you'll be blown away by my artistic abilities. (L--I did color a horse picture for you. D has it. It's fabulous.)

Alas, the girls being good today usually = no fun stories.

Oh wait.

Today I had one! (Nannying is hardly ever boring.)

A., the older one, was in her bath today when I leaned over to get the shampoo. My shirt dipped a TINY bit and she, of course, looked straight down to chinatown.

"Nanny?" asked she.
"Yes?" replied I.
"Why do you have black on your beebees*?" (*beebees = A.andE.speak for boobs. I was wearing a black bra.)
"Oh. Ummmmm...It's part of my shirt, A."
"No it's not, why do you have black covering up your beebees?"
"Oh LOOK at E.! She's making her babydoll jump into the water!"
I was desperately trying to come up with a satisfactory answer that wouldn't later get me in trouble, when E. spashed A.'s eyes with water, and a tantrum ensued, BUT I was saved! Woohoo!

Wow, my posts get long fast. And I haven't even gotten to the Uno Tourney. Basically D and I are hardcore gamers. Speed, Gin, Cribbage, Uno, Sorry, Five Crowns, Phase Ten, you name it. On the weekends we'll play for hours. So tonight we picked Uno and set up a "best of 9" tournament. Things went back and forth, and got pretty vicious. We get pretty in to it. Imagine me screaming at the top of my lungs "UNO! UNO! UNO! I SAID IT!" while she's screaming "DRAW TWO! I SAID IT FIRST! DRAW TWO!" It's more or less like a war zone. Enter at your own risk.

Alas, long story short, D is the Uno Champion du jour. (We won't mention the 10th game we played that I won.) I salute you, D. I just won't talk to you tomorrow.

Much love,
The Nanny

P.S. Thank you, E., for splashing water into your sister's eyes. You saved me much trouble and sweating nervousness. You may have a cookie after lunch tomorrow.


Hello, bloggity blog!

I actually spent today looking forward to coming home and blogging. I was so excited to tell you all about my witty adventures du jour and I was sure my amazing sense of humor would have you all rolling on the floor and going, "WOW, this is the best blog I've EVER read!"

Yeah.......probaby not going to happen. But we'll see.

So yeah. E. and I didn't make it to the aquarium today after all. I arrived and she was bottom-less (the child loves nothing more than to be naked) so it took a while for me to finagle (sp?) her into actual clothes. Since we couldn't go to the aquarium (no car), we spent the morning coloring. I love coloring. It's like the best part of my job, no joke. And we had these brand-new "Erasable" markers that are SO COOL.

Anyway. We were on the nice carpet, coloring (at this point using "color magic" markers--the ones that only color on certain paper. Don't worry. No actual markers on the nice carpet), when I notice E. doing The Wiggle.

"E., do you have to go potty?"

"NO." (wiggle, wiggle)

"Are you sure?"

"NO POTTY." (wiggle)

"Can we at least go try? Bob wants to see you go potty like a big girl!" (Bob is the cat.)

"NO POTTY. I TELL you if I have to potty."


*thirty seconds later*

"Nanny, I hafta potty."

Now at these words I'll always drop EVERYTHING in order to run to the closest bathroom. No matter if we're in a restaurant, swimming pool (no, I will NOT let them pee in the pool), waiting in line at the movies, nothing. So naturally I drop my markers, in the middle of coloring Blue from Blue's Clues, and grab E.

Too late.

Nice yellow peepee all over the nice Persian rug.


My lovely employers, whom I'll call Mr. and Mrs. R., later chided me for this. ("Did you not ask her if she had to go potty? You have to ask her EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES. She's potty training, for goodness' sake!") Um. I spend more time with your kids than you do. Welcome to my life.

Gah. That could turn into a whole other rant.

Anyway, that was about the highlight of my day. Everything else was a blur of pb&j, naptime, A. coming home and throwing her nightly tantrum, chicken fingers, and more coloring. (I do love coloring--that's not a complaint. I seriously will color for hours.)

So now I'm home and catching up on other peoples' blogs. Thanks for all the lovely comments! It's nice to know I'm not writing to an empty Internet world out there :-)

Much love,
The Nanny


Oh. And not to be a pathetic person who begs for comments (well, yeah, I am that), but I'd love to know who's reading my blog. So if you stop by, let me know!
So I've decided to start a blog. You'll have to forgive the typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, etc., even though I'll try my hardest not to have any.

But: I am a nanny. Therefore my blog will be boring. That's almost a guaruntee. (How the heck do you spell guaruntee?) And one or more posts WILL include poop references.

Anyway. Aside from that. I am fully expecting only one person to read this blog, and she knows who she is. She wants to be called D. I myself am The Nanny, my little ones will be A. and E. (And you'll see periods in the middle of words occasionally, to prevent g.oog.lability. Just to let you know.) A. and E. are both under 7 years old and I'm with them every day. I take a class on the side.

And that's about it.

I'll keep this first blog short. I'll try to make tomorrow's more interesting. I think I'm going to take E. to the aquar.ium while A. is at school. I'm fully looking forward to three hours of "Look, E., a fish! Look at the fishy, E.!" E. isn't fully potty-trained, so MAYBE you'll get lucky and hear about a nice pee-pee accident.

Doesn't that just sound fun?